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What happens inside a grinder?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by metalp, May 11, 2011.

  1. Is there video footage anywhere doesn't seem like there would be.
  2. really metal teeth just twisting until soft plant comes apart?
  3. The teeth are aligned so they cut the buds into small enough pieces that they fall into the holes.Nothing really gets stuck because the teeth are form-fitted to the bottom part of the grinder so there's no air pockets.
  4. for a clear understanding of what happens in a grinder, put your hand in a blender and turn it on...thats what happens:D
  5. Its a mystery, man. The world may never know for sure.
  6. grinders add the magical part that makes weed addictive
  7. :D
    I wouldnt think an herb grinder would be to grind herbs :confused::confused::confused:
  8. all i know is nugs go in and they never come back, beware of the grinder it will kill you this is a public service announcement from the Department for a drug free america. just kidding but seriously stay the fuck away
  9. It's complex, but I'll try and explain. First, no videos because that is against Federal Law. Sorry buddy, not my rules, just videos of grinders were banned in 1993 after the "Day of the Teeth", not at liberty to say exact details, only that a poor girl will never ever pogo-jump again.

    But I can describe what happens. So when you place all occupants inside the grinder you close it. Upon turning the logical explanation would be it is tearing and grinding the herb apart.


    It's actually a twelve party melody that is designed to attack and destroy certain places in the herb and cause it to fall apart into the chamber below. The piece used was designed by Bach and Cher, a triumph of two generations.

    So the next time a newbie asks "what's that", you can now feel safe telling him "A singing device designed by the two greatest musicians of all time, Bach and Cher"

  10. Don't they have clear-top grinders so you can see the action?
  11. #12 HeBrEwBeAr, May 11, 2011
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    also i just read that grinders cause cancer when you grind said marijuana this chemical named Totally Huge amounts of Carcinogens or THC is produced they have been known to cause brain liver and toe cancer so stay away
    not a troll just joking around

  12. Yeah a few of my buddies have SharpStones with a clear top.

    OP, the teeth are aligned to not hit each other. By turning it, the teeth rip the nug apart until it is in small enough pieces to fall through the holes to the next section. If you only have a two-piece, you grind until desired consistency.
  13. Its a magic trick, when you put the weed in, and twist it, and open it your actually opening a 2nd compartment full of ground weed

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