What Happens If You Inject Yourself With Water?

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  1. simple, the title says it all.

    I don't want anyone to give me n00b bullshit.
    I don't want anyone to tell me to 'just try it'
    I don't want anyone to give me shit or -rep.

    I just want to know what would happen if i injected myself
    with water, into my skin and/or viens.


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    PEACE -X-:rolleyes:
  2. I'm pretty sure it will hydrate you almost immediately.

    I think (but I'm not too sure here, don't know where I'm pulling this out of) that medical personnel DO inject people with water all the time, except they call it Saline and the water is mixed with a little bit of electrolytes.

    If you get too dehydrated, they can put you on a saline drip that slowly brings you back to the proper hydration levels.

  3. meh i dont think so exactly. if you injected enough youd die but its what people use to mix with shit that they shoot up
  4. I was just kidding.
  5. So would i be putting my health at risk by injecting myself with water once?

    thanks for good answers so far
  6. its just not a good idea bro
  7. What Alpha said...injected into the veins....if you just inject it under the skin, you'll just give yourself a water blister
  8. This is what I just learned:

    If you inject yourself with water, nothing will happen. It will be as if you instantly hydrated yourself. Its best to match the electolyte level of the water you are injecting with the electrolyte concentrations found in normal blood. This is done all the time to people who are suspected of being dehydrated.

    EDIT: Also, there is such think as water intoxication, where your internal organs actually drown from inside your body.
  9. I wonder if any endurance athlete has tried this haha.
  10. Im not doing this for fun or pleasure.. don't ask cos im not gunna
    explain but i just wanna no what would happen.

    Also would a water blister cause pain?
    is it noticable?
    perminant damage?

    Sorry for all the questions

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  11. would such a small amount drown my body?

  12. ist that how they keep people hydrated in the hospital if their in a coma or something?

  13. That all depends on how many units you inject....wouldn't be permanent under the skin because water evaporates

    Sounds like a dare or something? I wouldn't do it if I was you....but if you do decide to do it, at least make sure it's a clean unused syringe
  14. No the water blister will most likely not hurt. It will eventually pop and just leave some broken skin. It might cause pain depending how deep in the tissue you inject the water.

    Also there are little to no dangers in inject water into your blood stream. When people loose upwards to 40% of their blood, (about 2 liters) about a liter of it can be replaced with salt water to keep the person person conscious.
  15. there would be no side effects from water injected, its called a saline drip. now if you have an air bubble in the syringe and you shoot that in, then you DIE form an air emboli. i am deathly afraid of needles, but IMHO WHY? its just not worth it, not much risk, but really?
  16. So, you're obviously doing a bet, a dare, tricking somebody into thinking that you're injecting something else, or you're an idiot? Which one OP?
  17. you get higher than a mofucka
  18. You'll be fine, it's done all the time. Anyone who's used an IV has done it to some extent.Guess what? I'm still alive.
    The water would just bypass the digestive system and go straight into your bloodstream, instant hydration. You'd have a hell of a time injecting yourself with enough water to ause any damage
  19. No, you'd need a lot of water.


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