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What happens if you harvest more than your allowed

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by 2packush420, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. I know I'm probation asking a lot of questions, but I'm just trying to prepare for my move to cali by getting as much info as I can.

    Now from what I can understand, you are allowed to possess 8 oz and grow 6 plant, what happens if those six plants produce more than eight ounces? Am I legally supposed to throw it away or something(not that I would ever throw away bud)

    This seems like a shady area of the law. Any help is appreciated
  2. dont sweat it..IF they ever found out they would just make you toss your overages...really is a dumb part of the law
  3. Ok. I'm starting to like cali more and more with each answer to my many questions. They seem to be pretty chill.

    One more question though. Am I allowed to sell my extra weed to dispensaries?
  4. Holy shit. Your allowed weed in cali? Thats pretty sick.

    Yeah boi. roll a blunt. pack a bowl. nights all set

  5. #5 Old School Smoker, Jun 23, 2013
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    Keep your grow discreet, and you can harvest whatever you want.
  6. Does this look like 8 oz. keep it to your self and you won't get bothered.
    Ohh this is 2 weeks ago. Imagine 4 mo from

    Attached Files:

    Derp much?
  8. Where have you been since 1996?
    Either trolling forums, or in a country that didn't get internet till today.
  9. start smoking! :smoking:

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