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what happens if you FAIL a pre employment drug screen..?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by NikoBellic45, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. u never were hired, so does this incident go on some sort of record? if i were to fail a pre employment drug screen, my main concern is will it affect me later when im applying for future jobs? Or does the company just reject you , and thats it?
  2. "it goes on ur perament record"
  3. They put you on an international database of failed drug tests called the "International Commitee of Safe Hiring" (ICSH). They send free lists out to companies and for background applications who request it. You can't really find out if you're on it unless you pay for a background search of yourself. I've seen some people's that say stuff like "Applicant failed urinary drug test with HIGH amounts of THC, applicant is not regarded as safe". So yea, you're pretty much fucked.
  4. Aww fuck that corporate bullshit. any stoner can clean floors, aka be a janitor. somebody has to clean up that dog shit on the floor from the semi old guy with his dog. As he orders a big mac with large fries and a coke.

  5. why bullshit me? ...
  6. Nothing Niko, you just don't get the job. Don't fret, though. There is no way any other employer will know about it unless the one you failed at knows another employer that you are applying for, and the chances of that are slim to none. There are teas you can buy that will let you pass the test.
  7. That's the first time i've ever heard of that and I've been working for well over 25 years.
  8. Because your question is silly. Do you think there's a profile on you, besides your crim record? (and Facebook and that crap) If you fail a drug test, they'll reject you. It's not like any employer would contact them asking for a recommendation, nor is the cmopany going to take time to tell everyone else that you failed a dt.

    Stop smoking so much, you sound paranoid as fuck.

  9. The OP's question sounded fairly reasonable to me...
  10. The place you applied for cannot release information such as that to anyone. Employers are limited to what they can say legally to people asking for references.

    If you went to a hospital/clinic then there are Doctor/Patient issues there. You sign a paper during your hire in process that allows the doctor to release the information about the drug test to your potential employer.

    Don't sweat it man i've failed a few in my days and it never has hurt me from getting future jobs.
  11. well first off the lab will call you to tell you that you failed and what you failed with. they will then ask if you are taking any medication,like vicodin or marinol, that might show a false positive.

    if you cant explain then you dont get the job.

    if you really want the job then when asked say "no that is impossible, can i have a retake please? i'm positive i dont do these drugs." you might get lucky and get a retest.

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