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What happens if you do use a reg. light bulb to grow?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by node, May 27, 2009.

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  1. i grow with 2 normal house lights, and its slow but it works, and u learn the basics so its all gd
  2. Don't waste your time with them. They create too much heat and are not even the correct spectrums, from what i understand, for vegging and flowering.
  3. well it works, mine has started budding so it cant be that bad
  4. Sorry, but if you can't invest at least a little bit, you shouldn't be growing marijuana. Seriously.

    On another note, CFLs are the newest "green" thing. If anyone suspects anything from you buying CFLs, you live in the wrong place. I'd suggest moving as soon as you get the opportunity :p
  5. Although incandescant lights do in fact have more light in the red/orange range which is needed for flowering, they are a poor choice for growing a good plant. CFLs are cheap, and easily available. Most are sold in a two pack. Get 2 packs and you have 4 bulbs. If you get the highest wattage you can, you'll have a decent amount of light for growing a lady. Heck, at Wal-mart they have 2 packs of 26 watts for just under $9. So for $20 you can get 104 watts. That's plenty for one plant. Make certain you start with bulbs with a temp of 6500k (I think this is called warm white). When you switch to flowering, buy 2700k bulbs (I think these are cool white, and Wal-Mart sells both temperature bulbs). Total investment in lighting is ~$40. Not bad for enough light to grow a plant which could yield you 3 oz. nd that's just the first plant. Trust me, if you can't afford the lights, wait. You will appreciate it far more. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

    I'll get off my soapbox now.
  6. CFLs use less energy than incandescant. On another note, you're too young to smoke weed, much less grow it. Give it a couple more years. Stay in school! :D

    Edit: Not to mention you're gonna get busted. Your parents WILL find out. They're smarter than you think. Good luck and peace.
  7. haha im affraid im guna keep on smoking and growing.
  8. Sorry node! Half of what I wrote was directed to The McC. :D
  9. i don't like to be a rat or anything, but aren't you supposed to be 18 to post here?
  10. There isnt a place on the globe that buying CFLs would be suspicious, much less the dirty Jersey.
  11. I sold a clone to my friend which usually takes 2 1/2 to 3 months to grow into about 3-4 oz. anyway I told him to get a little hps light. He never did. it took him 6 months but it grew and it came out good but he only got like 1 1/2 oz and it wasn't even as big as it would normally grow so it can be done with a regular bulb but why torture yourself? spend a couple bills and in 3 months you'll be set.

  12. I highly doubt your plants are budding using Incandesecent bulbs, seriously Use CFL's, there way less expensive than regular house lights......people on here DO know what they are talking about
  13. U guys are F_ing retarted really u dont know shit if u say u cant grow with a regular light i grew my 5 foot tree and flowerd in 4 months with two desk lamps and two 100w light bulbs.

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    :O. g
  15. can you even buy regular light bulbs anymore? Go to the hardware store and get some cheep CFL's, I replaced every light in my house and no one even thought twice about it when I put 10 bulbs on the counter. If they ask say you are trying to save money on ele.
  16. Those plants are stretched to shit! I have more leaves on my two month plant and it's 2 ft tall!
  17. That's some "tree". Look like it might even have yielded a couple of joints...
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    lol these plants made my day. as you can see from the pic. you can grow like 4 bowls off a regular 100W bulb. guess we were all wrong. time to switch back to regular lights.
  19. Jeeze! Thats a regular jungle there! :rolleyes:
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    do you make a complete moron out of yourself on a regular basis?
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