what happens if you break the light cycle?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by yinyang, May 1, 2006.

  1. Like if its been in darkness for awhile then you turn the lights on...or vice versa. would it harm the plant?

    I forgot to turn my lights on and they spent an hour in darkness
  2. So are you saying that they got their light cycle but it was cut short an hour at the beginning of the cycle? Like if you are on 18/6 then for one day they got 17/7 or if on 12/12 then for one day they got 11/13? If that's the case you're fine.
  3. i agree one hour will not harm the plant. If you get into a habit, you may stress your plant into a hermie...in some cases...good others bad. i'd avoid stressing the plant too much.
  4. Don't hold me to this, because it's just something I read somewhere on the net. I haven't done it myself, and as well all know anyone can say anything on the internet without having to prove it.

    However, I read that if you break the dark cycle with an extra hour of light and then put it back in darkness until the proper time for the light cycle to start, that it increases resin production during flowering.

    So for instance from 12 pm to 11pm light put it in the dark for 6 hours give it light for an hour, then another 6 of dark. Repeat the cycle. So it still gets it's 12/12 but at an...odd interval.

    I doubt the validity of this claim highly though, just sounds like it would stress the plant during flowering.

    Anyone heard anything about this?
  5. Could be, but sounds more like a great way to induce a hermie to me. Pure speculation on my part, though.

    If someone has the luxury of experimenting I'd love to hear the results. Otherwise, if you are like me you have a purpose and outcome in mind for growing, in which case I would advise sticking with the tried-and-true.
  6. Amen to that Toasty.
  7. If the dark cycle is interrupted during veg nothing will happen. You can flick the lights on during the plants dark cycle (during veg) and this will do nothing except keep your plants vegging. During flower you want to keep as close to a 12/12 schedule as possible because flower is where the photoperiod is critical.

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