what happens if the light cycle is disturbed for a few hours?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by yinyang, May 29, 2006.

  1. i might as well tell the whole story.
    today i planned on putting my babies somewhere outdoor but after 2 hours of driving with them in the trunk we never found a spot decent enouph to leave them.
    they missed out on about 3 hours of light that theyre used to. (theyre use to 16)
    im thinking about putting them outside tomorow but i dunno if i should wait, in case i shock them.

    Bottom line,i wanted to know what are the consequences when messing with the light cycle,for a few hours?
  2. No worries. Let there be light tomorrow.

    Sounds like you are in veg.

    Also sounds like your grow plan is bass-ackwards. You need to scope out a site before you grow plants to put in it, not grow plants and then go driving around with them in the trunk for hours. The heat and asphyxiation of that will kill them, and getting pulled over with a trunk full of plants will earn you some quality time with a cellmate named Psycho...
  3. agreed not a big deal, but it can cause stress so don't let it happen often.
  4. thx for the reply

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