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what happens if I don't burp the jar?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by x8rUn0x, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. I just came back from a week long vacation and had my buds stashed in a mason jar, does anything negative(or positive?) occur if the jar isn't burped, it had a real strong pungent weed smell when I opened it today because it's been trapped in there all week?

    I guess this was also a nice little one week T-break :smoking::bongin::hide::hippie::D

    sorry those smilies are addicting.
  2. Well it could cause mold depending on what the humidity in the jars where when you left. If you just harvested I would check them for sure, but if they have been sitting in there for awhile you should be fine. I store my bud is a cool dark place, light degrades thc, so don't want any of that.

  3. long after harvest I assume. I bought them. But they were in a cool dark place, I'm assuming they're fine
  4. why is there a picture of a shit beside the name of the thread, it sais "bio", lol?
  5. [quote name='"KushNMusic"']why is there a picture of a shit beside the name of the thread, it sais "bio", lol?[/quote]

    Lol I don't know. I picked a random icon hahah I was pretty baked
  6. Same storage as me then. My jar top is still popped, but I think it's fine. My bud is a month or 2 old(since I've had it). I got it in the jar in a shoe box under my bed. It seems to smoke great. Smells amazing when I open the jar!
  7. I think it'll be fine. I've kept bud for two months without always "burping" it. The only issue I've experienced is it drying out a little bit.
  8. Burping is only really important after harvest when there is still a lot of moisture in the buds.
  9. A week should be fine, but inspect your bud before you smoke it just in case. :smoking:
  10. nice quiver
  11. mold is more than likely the result from not burping..

    ya don't wanna be tokin' mold
  12. woah, i have an oz in a mason jar that i haven't touched in a month. can someone explain to me what burping the jar is and why i should do it?

  13. Burping is when you simply open the container that the bud is in after a period of time.
    You do it to let the gas buildup out

    just like burping a baby


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