What happens at 10,000?

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. Cos bud heads not long off finding out.
  2. The site will be so confused it will completely shut down...

    Then I will get a new user name and have to start from 1 post again....

    I will be stoned when it takes place though!
  3. :rolleyes: you guys will believe anything. ..i did hide my stash in a underground bombshelter just in case..

  4. 10,000 posts. And if BH hadn't done any pruning on his posts, he'd probably be well over the 12,000 mark now.
  5. 10K is when the magic happens.

  6. Blind melon told me that 3 was the magic number
  7. well just make sure you warn us when 10k is coming up so i can stock up.. dont want any y2k whatnot happening here in the city :D
  8. yes, bh you HAVE to make a 10k thread, just to show us!!
  9. yes yes! complete with a pic of it to comemorate it
  10. Indy you are right.. I figure i ahve already past the 12,000 mark already..

    Some of the post I pruned and some were pruned when other post were pruned or deleted...

    I do belive critter has the most post if the truth be known.. He had about a 1,000 or more than me..

    I don't relly worry about post count.. Helping people of the city is my goal!

    So toke on my fellow citians.. Lets make the green city smoke!!1
  11. Stock prices on ganja will plummet you will soon be able to get an ounce for $1.50 hurray for the ten thousandth post. :) !!

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