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What happens after you fail a drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silus92, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone. I work in a job where we are susceptible to random testing. I have worked here for 2 years total and only been tested twice. First time was a induction which everyone gets tested. 2nd was another induction because between the 2 years I had a year off.

    So basically I haven't been randomly tested both times I knew they were coming.

    Which lead me on to thinking since I do smoke on the weekends what actually happens if you are unlucky enough to be the one who gets pulled for random testing and you know you will fail? I say this out of pure curiosity.

    Bare in mind I live in the UK.

    Does the police get called?
    Does it get passed on to future employers or anything of this nature?
    Does anyone else in the company apart from the testing guys find out?
  2. it depends on how you get caught.. i got caught two times

    i was in a dorm at college and i got caught from dorm parents, i had to go to the hospital, be drug tested and after the results came back i was wayyy positive for THC and i got expelled from school (which is rubbish cause i wasn't hurting anyone or bothering any one so it just wasn't logical to me) but they told my parents, and since i got expelled it will show up on any jobs (if they look at my records) and future colleges 
    the police didn't get involved

    the second time i was with a buddy and toking up under a bridge (we were so high.. we had no idea it was obvious cops could see us..) so sure enough a cop comes and he checks us for pipes/herb/lighter and checks surroundings and all and he found a pipe (we tried to burry that shit behind a rock) and we both of us had to go to to station, drug tested etc. and that'll probably show up on every record and when you get arrested it shows up in the Weekly paper so people could easily find out and my parents had to know and all that.
  3. Unless you have drugs on you or get violent, your employer wont be calling the police.  You'll just be fired and asked to leave.
  4.  In most places after they get a positive for you, they call YOU first and tell you that you tested positive then call your employer.When your employer gets notified and you get fired it may become obvious to coworkers that you failed if you're gone after a drug test. The drug test wouldn't be on your "record" but you're asked why you left your last job, then you might have to tell the future employer or if they call your last boss. The police shouldn't be involved at all.

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