what happening to my little girl

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  1. hey she is starting it curl and i looks kinda like white spots all over her:confused:

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  2. bump i need help
  3. need to know the temperature.
  4. marijuana stops growing at 85F and starts to die if it gets warmer than that.. looks like heat stress.. put a fan in front of it if you can.. or cool it down with a/c 75-80 is a good temp. range
  5. so if i get the temp right it will be ok
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    I don't believe that's true.
  7. so is it heat stress or was my lights to close

  8. almost any book you read about growing will say 85F is a turning point to where it becomes stressful on a plant.. i was also having a heat problem and was having heat stress/damage so i started doing my research.. forget the name of the book but it def. said 85F is when it stops growing and anything higher will start to kill it and it was true to my findings.. im sure its strain dependent to have the exact temperature. ex. an equatorial strain has a higher resistance to heat damage.

    the leaves in your picture looked like the early stages of heat damage. same thing i just had. lowered the temp and it stopped. it looked like the leaf was getting crispy and folding upwards. it could also be from you light being to close.

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