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What happened ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sandiegodank, May 4, 2011.

  1. Well I smoked some Platinum OG Kush and it was dank. When I was walking up a hill I started to hear a ringing noise and felt myself starting to black out. My friend says I was giving off bad vibes and had to give off good ones? After like 10 more minutes I got horrible cottonmouth and felt like i was going to choke. My friend took me to this wild fruit tree something called lowkfruit or loekwats and made me feel much more stable. Possibly dehydration?
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    Low blood sugar. Eat some more.

    Also, it's possible you greened out. Use the search bar to search for a noobs guide to greening out (too lazy to find it atm)

    Smoking weed lowers your blood sugar, that's why you get the munchies.
  3. Yea idk it was weird ive been smoking for a while to. I think its what you said though about low blood sugar. Thanks!
  4. Onetime I was puffing away on my mflb, on like my 20th hit my head started spinning and I almost blacked out. I thought it was from holding my breathe.
  5. So the blood sugar thing is legit? I've had that theory on my own before, but this is the 2nd time I've seen this here.

    Im a diabetic and have been wondering if it lowers my sugar. If it does maybe I can add that to my medical list :)
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    I think because As soon as i ate something i felt much better.
  7. Low blood sugar.

    Heat + Exercise + marijuana = passing out if you arent physically fit or eating nutritiously.
  8. Most people don't drink the necessary daily amount of water and also don't eat very healthy. Slight dehydration+low blood sugar+high=bad feeling. When you get high make sure you drink a lot of water and keep sweets around
  9. Yea since that happened i started to carry a water bottle when im smoking like in the mountains or somewhere i gotta do alot of shit. I also thought of a way to desribe the way it looked through my eyes. In call of duty when you get hit by a flah gernade partially ( it doesent flash you completely ) it blackens your vision, ringing, and your eyes feel like there closing
  10. Yea it is called passing out.

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