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What happened?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DUB SACKS, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Well I made 3 firecrackers earlier today, using regular saltines, jif peanut butter (I know organic/natural PB is really the only way to go, but i mixed the jif with some canola oil) and .6 of extremely dank purp, I coated the PB in a light layer of extremely well ground up bud, wrapped each in aluminum foil, cooked at 330 for 24 minutes, and ate it 1.5 hours ago. I understand firecrackers/edibles can take a long time to kick in, but this is getting ridiculous!

    Any help/Where I went wrong? Should I eat another
    This should probably be in Incredible, edible herb, but it's pretty late and i doubt that forum is very active.

    Thanks for your insight!
  2. that is the exact tecnique i have used, i used jiffy and it worked for me but it took a long ass time, almost 2 hours..

    it could be that you didnt use enough bud, i doubt the canola oil would have done something, but i would give it anouther half hour and see if anything changes
  3. Well, i took it at 9:20 here, it's now 11:05, so that's an hour and 45, I ate another one :p I used plenty of trees, there's about .6 in both the crackers i ate, I'm gonna smoke a bowl and see if anything changes.. thanks for the input
  4. well now that i think about it the only time i have used firecrackers i was already drunk and high, but you should be able to tell the difference in the body high.. 1.2 grams should be more than plenty, even just .6 should have done something
  5. Sigh, 2 hours since the first one, still nothing. We'll see what happens, I think i just need to smoke a couple bowls to get the high going.
  6. are you sure that when you put them in the oven you wernt so high that you forgot to turn the oven on>|?.. haha
  7. yeah, the pain i felt when i accidently grabbed a still super hot firecracker was all too real. 2 hours 40 mins since i took the first one, :/
  8. thats weird, i guess call this one a fail.. it still beats the shit out of me that it didnt work.. the onyl thing i can think of is if your tolerance is crazy high.. but it would have to be way up there for you not to feel anything.. shannanigans
  9. My tollerance is EXTREMELY high, i'm far from a apprentice toker, I just thought i'd get flamed in seasoned tokers :D I just ate the last cracker, that's 1.8g's, and i'm smoking these 2 bowls, then i'm gonna see how i feel. Fuck, what a waste.
  10. that could be it but i cant possibly imagine how you couldnt feel anything, but after all that you should be pretty damn toasted.. and wasted is when you drop your sack into a lake (happened), at least you ate it haha
  11. I just need to smoke a couple bowls and im still hoping at LEAST the last 2 firecrackers will hit, that's kind of alot of weed :)
  12. how did it end up?

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