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  1. I really need help because i have no idea what happened. Me and one of my buddies bought about an eighth of mids the other day and smoked 2 bowls and we were fine but last night i decided to smoke some by myself (i smoke alone often) and i freaked the fuck out! It was insane, i felt like i was watching myself and i started tripping hard. I was seeing double and triple and my thoughts werent even processing. If that wasn't enough my heart started speeding up like crazy and it felt like my organs were gonna burst. The last thing that happened was i felt like veins were bursting in my head and i had this tremendous sense of me dying it was really creepy and i now im just scared that i smoked like meth or something. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out...it was an awful experience.
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    sounds like oxygen dificeincy. did you see purple and yellow? try to get some fresh air and walk it off if this happens again.(it is possible you burned your lungs and were not getting a good supply of air.)
  3. burned his lungs? lol

    you had a panic attack. they suck.

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