What happened?

Discussion in 'General' started by Alexcarync, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. image.jpg I’m sure this is because it needs water which I have just done but it’s never looked this bad for me? Although this is my first plant grow ever
  2. post another pic in about an hour

    lets see

  3. yeah water and check in an hour should look better - and water a day earlier next time - if in COCO do not let it get dry it has to stay slightly moist the entire time...
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  4. You should fire whoever is taking care of that poor plant and file an abuse charge.
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  5. Call CPS.

    Cannabis Protective services.
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  6. Wheres the update pic?? Surely its been over an hr!!
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  7. My mom is in the room where it’s growing I don’t wanna waken her I’ll show you guys in the morning ;)
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  8. Not here to be helpful today really but I have a question.

    See when plants get like that from underwatering.
    How dry are people letting it get?
    Been growing in coco this year and I can only get up once a day so they get 2L a day and that's it. All the pot can hold when it's kept wet. I quite often can't be bothered climbing up so leave them for 2, sometimes 3 days and by that point the coco is absolutely bone dry. Doesn't hurt em in the slightest. Still always happy and content.
    Is there something more to this effect than simply underwatering?
    Is it perhaps more to do with too solid a medium or something like that. I use about 40% perilite and don't get that problem.

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  9. Use a larger container.

    And mulch heavily.

  10. Thanks will put that on my supply list when I go online shopping again :)
  11. Or just hit your local big box store or garden supply?
  12. I can’t drive yet :(
  13. How much longer till you’re old enough?
  14. don’t worry I can drive I just don’t have a permit yet because I failed my test
  15. Permit? You mean license? Where I live youngsters can get a permit that allows them to drive when an adult with a license is in the car. Maybe it's different where you live.

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