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  1. So my plants are just over 3 months from seed and are about 4-5 feet tall. I checked on them July 11th (today is the 25th) , watered them with a fox farms nute solution (same one I've used since they were a month old) sprayed a soap insect repellent on them I got from my local shop which would have been the third time I've done it about a week or so apart from one another. Well I went out tonight to check on them and three of the four look great. Nothing major at all but the fourth is completely dead. In less than two weeks it went from perfect to fried. Any idea what could have caused this? All the plants are on the exact thing. The only difference is that the two biggest are super silver haze, the next is a Gold Leaf, and the dead on is a Purple Haze. I'll attach a picture of the SSH that's about 5 feet and the dead PH. Thanks for the help
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  3. Yea, this is probably attributed to some sort of critter. If you fed all plants the same feed solution and it's the same you've been feeding, then that's likely not got anything to do with it. That leaves you with pests/varmits and/or fungus type stuff....but even getting a fungus or something of that nature would take time to kill the plant. My guess is you've had something interrupt the root structure of your plant to kill it that way. Next time, consider growing outside but in a container and get that container up off the ground. Makes for less chance of something like this happening and also lessens the chance of the plant picking up issues from the dirt splashing up on it's leaves...the way most plants pick up fungus, etc. Hopefully, the rest of your brood will make it on through without problems. But keep a very close eye on all of them. As they put on buds and begin to resin up, they really begin to become magnets for bugs/pests/critters. Good luck! TWW
  4. I didn't notice any holes or anything digging in the bottom and all the plants are in 7gal areobags but planted directly in the ground so they can expand. Maybe something went underground where I can't see but just found it crazy in less than two weeks that happened. Could it be that the two strands handle heat much better than another? This past week it's been in the upper 80's low 90's with lots of humidity and a few good showers
  5. Gophers can chew right through a pot and their holes won't necessarily be close to the plant. AND it might be a vole too. That's my guess. I've had the same thing happen.
  6. Damn that sucks. Sad a nice little looking plant it seems

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