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  1. I've had some beauties growing outside for a couple months now and I just fertilized them 2 days ago and now they are horrible looking. They are about to die I believe. Can someone tell me what is wrong or what I did wrong? And if there is any way to save them?

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  2. Whoa, what fertilizer did you use in what quantity of water?
  3. I just used some tomato fertilizer from Walmart. 1 tablespoon. As far was water, I didn't use a measured amount just watered a bunch with my hose.
  4. Post a pic of the fertilizer you used, it might be too strong for weed. Always mix it in a watering can first to evenly distribute the amount of fertilizer given to each area
  5. Looks like you've burned them up for sure. If they do recover, it'll take so long to actually recover that it won't be worth it. Let this be a really good lesson for you.....more is not always better. Unless your plant needs fed, you probably shouldn't feed it. Not sure what you put in them but it was obviously way too strong. Before you feed your plants, you really should take the time to read up on how and when to do it. That flying by the seat of your pants method doesn't work well most of the time. Sorry...but lesson learned. TWW

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