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What Happened?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jvm4000, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Newly reminted toker, here, and it's not legal here. After a very, very very long time since I last smoked. a friend of mine gifted me with a gram or so of something for me to experiment with again. I want to see if MMJ will help with some health issues I have. Here is what happened, and I am not happy with the results, and am looking for some help with an explanation.

    1) Had a couple of pieces of home made coffee cake for breakfast at 9:00am.
    2) At around 11:00am, prepared some of what I was given, loaded up a one-hitter and fired it up. 3 moderate hits that time.
    3) After 15 to 20 minutes, I didn't feel like anything really "took".
    4) Reloaded and did another couple of really good hits.
    5) Noticed that things were happening, and not altogether what I was expecting.
    6) Got dizzy (as if drunk) and lower legs very unsteady.
    7) Pulse rate up quite a bit
    7) Laid down to ride out the experience. Felt sick to stomach. Dozed off until a friend called for lunch at around noon.
    8) Went to lunch, but had absolutely no appetite. Didn't eat. Still queasy.
    9) Came back home and sacked out on the couch for about 1.5 hours.
    10) Woke up and felt more stable, but not interested in repeating what happened.

    Additional facts and follow up:
    * Provider doesn't know the strain, but I'm sure it was an Indica
    * What he gave me came from his private stock he smokes all the time, and he said it was really good stuff.
    * Didn't have any feelings of euphoria, just analyzing how I felt
    * Did notice some pain had gone away, while sacked out on the couch.
    * 5 hours later, still no real appetite, and I usually eat quite regularly.
    * Nugs were moist and tightly compacted. No color to speak of
    * Did I smoke too much?
    * WTF happened?

    I'd really like to continue, since I did experience some pain relief, but if this is what it's going to do to me, it's not worth it.

    I'd be happy to clarify if you think you can help and have any questions.

    Thanks for any insight or help.
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    You smoked too much and whitied.

  3. Nope. The same stuff as what my supplier uses on a regular basis.
  4. #5 jvm4000, Dec 27, 2012
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    OOPS! I suspected as much, but had never experienced that before.

    I think I should have stopped after the first round, and maybe even the first toke. Never had any anxiety, just heavily dulled speech and motions.


    EDIT #1: After researching the term whitied, I think you may be right. I really didn't feel any effects the first round. I'll try again tomorrow and just take one toke and see how it goes. Thanks!
  5. Yeah dude you were stoooooned haha. Just ease back into it, should be good. Keep us posted
  6. That sounds odd. Did you smoke the whole gram? I'm assuming you didn't, but if you did, then yeah you smoked too much. But when smoking, you should be feeling the effects within a few minutes unless it was an extreme "creeper". I dunno though.

    The dizziness is what's confusing to me. That makes me think that maybe you were going to have an off day anyway, but who knows. I thought that's usually a sign of having low blood sugar or not eating much at all, but you said you had some coffee cake. Maybe try eating something more substantial before the next time you smoke, and try smoking when you have nothing to do so you can fully relax and not worry about how it might affect you.
  7. Whenever I get a friend high for the first time I only let them have a hit or two. If they feel nothing after 15-20 mins, let them have another small hit. Continue the process until they're pleasantly high.

  8. I'm starting to see a pattern taking form here, LOL!

    I guess you can't take 40 years off and expect to jump right back in.......
  9. My dad said the same when we shared a spliff on Christmas eve last year.

  10. Thanks for your contribution. Out of the gram (or so) I smoked an amount about the size of half a pea TOTAL, in the one hitter bat. I really was looking for something to happen relatively quickly, and when it didn't, shouldn't have hit it again.

    Low blood sugar? may have something, but after all I ate during the holidays? I'll have to remember to eat something first until I get back into it. Thanks!
  11. Hmm. So do you have most of that gram left? If so, you probably didn't smoke too much.

    I thought blood sugar can vary day to day, hour to hour. I really don't know much about it, but I think it's highly possible. Some people are just more sensitive to those fluctuations too. I just find the drunk-like dizziness very odd, to me that means that your body was lacking something at the time. So if I were you, I'd try smoking after eating a decent dinner (or other meal).
  12. :::UPDATE:::UPDATE:::UPDATE:::

    Thanks for all your input so far. I promised to keep you all up to date, and here is the latest.

    Since my last post a few days ago, I have tried the one-hitter a few more times with NO results. This morning, I thought I'd try again, and had a little more luck. Here's what went down:

    Around 9:30am, loaded up the bat and headed outside. Took two pretty good hits (they made me cough) and one very light hit, since no more smokeable stuff was left. Came back in and sat down. It took about 15 to 20 minutes to really start feeling any effects. They were:
    * Slight dizziness
    * Light tingling in lower legs
    * Slight dry-mouth
    * NO bloodshot eyes
    * NO euphoria, NO munchies, NO giddiness

    I thought about loading up the bat again, but still didn't want to repeat the experience I had the last time. Total time was about 1.5 hours before everything pretty much wore off.

    Guys, I hate to sound like a pest, but what am I doing wrong? I can't seem to get the euphoric high that I remember, and what you all experience. Am I somehow blocking the effects? Am I not smoking enough? Is there an "interim" stage that I am not going past? I think I need a mentor to step me through the whole process from start to finish.

    Help me Obi-Wan..............
  13. I meant to ask a question:

    I'm using a metal bat one-hitter to smoke with now. Could it be I'm using the wrong kind of device to smoke? Should I try a pipe or a chillum instead? Metal or glass? We're blessed with a couple of headshops around here, if you think I should try something more substantial, it would be relatively easy to acquire.
  14. Get some better weed. Your guy probably gave you shit stuff to get rid of it thinking you wouldn't know the difference

  15. You know, that thought HAD crossed my mind. I don't think my friend is doing anything malicious, it's just that he must have CRAP weed, and has passed it on to me. I've tried to compare it to pictures I see online, and I think it may very well be some pretty low-grade stuff. It DOES smell pretty much like I remember it, so it must have some potential. Actually looks like a wad of green pocket lint I pulled out of a pair of jeans I used to have.

    So, since I know a total of ONE person who has weed, and their weed is crap, would anyone care to donate to a worthy cause? How can I get a hook-up? Nobody in my age group or social circle would have a clue.
  16. What kinds of medications do you take? Ive heard of people suddenly start getting sick from smoking but I've always heard it happen to daily smokers, not someones first time ( for 40 years anyway ).

    edit: post a picture of the weed
  17. Medications? None. I drive my Dr nuts, because I don't require any prescription drugs. Not that I'm all into vegan/holistic/natural stuff in the least. Far from it. Just happen to have come to a ripe old age (~60) without having too may health problems. Right now, it's just arthritic knees and hips, and I can pretty much control the pain with just aspirin, but I am looking for a more effective remedies, thus the MMJ.

    Thanks for the question, but I am becoming more convinced that I have some crappy weed until I can score some good stuff.
  18. As long as the weed is green it shouldn't make you sick like that though. If anything you would just get a headache.

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