What happened when I got stoned at work.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by D9_THC, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. At the moment, I am cleaning at a massive Airshow. It's a shitty job, but it's only for two weeks, and I get £60 a day.

    But anyways, the people who come to the Airshow basically ignore me, but the other day, I got stoned and was real happy, lauging a dancing about while I was cleaning, and all of a sudden, people start complementing me, saying hi, AND GIVING ME TIPS! I made an extra £30 from tips, and I'm gonna buy me a new bong :)
  2. lol, so you were frollicking around stoned off your ass and people PAID you?...
  3. They didn't pay me for being stoned. Most of the people there were old, and snotty so they probably never seen a stoned person before.
    I got tips for my high spirits.... pardon the pun, please.
  4. damn, those are some pretty decent tips you got there
  5. Yeah, It was great!

    I basically got payed to smoke weed :D
  6. Now thats a perfect job!

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