What happened to World of Warcraft?

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  1. Sup fellow blades, I just recently gave up on WoW again and this time feels for good. I've been playing since 2006 and does anyone else WoW has just lost that little sparkle? Remember all those days you would spend doing late nights, not sleeping and drinking loads of red bull on ventrilo while raging at your friend because he stole your loot. I miss those days... everything's just so formalized now. The game itself is just con-formative. So blade's anyone else miss the old days?

    (This thread could go crazy but i don't expect so many players haha :smoking:)
  2. As soon as cata came out I gave up on the game, it's sad cause It felt like I lost a friend but I'm glad I don't play it anymore...I've tried other mmo's but there just not the same. The only other mmo that I actually like is swtor...but really I just stick to cod now
  3. Game fell off.

    It turned into appeasing the noobs so everyone can enjoy end game.

    I mis BC when it was hardcore and have full tier was like extremely rare.

    Elder Scrolls is my next go to MMO

  4. I too joined back in 2006 and the game was so much more fun when it wasn't as streamlined as it is now.

    I had to quit back shortly after TBC came out because my father refused to pay the monthly fee. (I was back in high school) And coming back to Wrath after I entered college felt... Stale.

    The game was too easy and way too casual even for me (and I'm a VERY casual gamer when it comes to MMOs). So when Cata offered to 'bump' the difficulty, I kinda got a little bit excited cause I wanted the Vanilla and TBC difficulty that the game offered. Nope, Cata made farting feel more like a challenge than any of its raids or dungeons. So, because of Cata I'm skipping out on Mists.

    Maybe I'll try a Mists private server when the time comes, but until then I'm saying adios and farewell to WoW for good.
  5. Yeah i started playing on a 10 Day trial and it was scary how it was eating up hours, now I'm definitly waiting for ESO to venture into MMO's again. A world that's lore i love and in crazy cool looking graphics for an MMO, sign me up!
  6. I quit about the time WotLK came out, that's when it started turning into carebear nation.
    Tried the Cataclysm trial and played for a few days on a private server and it's even worse. The game involves absolutely no skill anymore.
  7. Never played due to the fear of addiction

    One of my Asian friends was always top of class straight A student, then he got into world of warcraft and dropped out of school to create, build up and sell accounts.

    I think he's dead now or something. RIP Jackie
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    Dungeon finder ruined the game cause i used the exp with friend and got to lvl 80 in a little over a week. Before you would have to quest more and explore the huge map
  9. Op I do too, miss the ol days, after wotlk I think it all went downhill

  10. Was his last name Chan?

    I think I knew this kid you speak of
  11. Jackie

    Jackie chan
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    been playing wow on and off since bc

    honestly, i think it fucking sucked then compared to now. it took soooooo long to do the most basic of things. even the flight paths where hell. the only thing i really miss about those days was 40 man raids.

    anyway, after the last cata raid came out and i downed dw, i said fuck this game. did not like what they did with the story whatsoever. it was cool as hell all the way up to those dungeons where you go forward in time if dw where to win. was very interesting. then the whole story fell flat on its face after that. ICC will always be my favorite raid, even better than naxx to me. jus the whole underdog building your way to the top really did it for me.

    so, after cata i quit the game for a solid 6-8 months, just recently got mop a few weeks ago - only reason i got it was cos the group of friends i used to play with started back up again so i said fuck it why not, guild wars 2 was getting pretty shitty.

    and to be honest, im really liking it. which is a lot coming from me cos i said fuck mop since they announced it - but after actually playing it, im really enjoying the lore this time around. its a bit cliche at times - but the phases and cutscenes are spot on. while questing i actually feel like im having an impact on the world with phasing and i love it! you'd never get a feeling like that back in BC days cos everything respawns and sits there for all eternity.

    in this expansion you feel like you're actually at war with the horde. i also really like all the boss fights ive seen so far, really unique and engaging. also the art style blows me away constantly. really glad its not just fire and dragons anymore, shit got old quick in cata.

    but in this their really going back to their roots with the sha AKA old gods with that classic HP lovecraft storytelling.

    im only lvl 87 so far but im really enjoying it with the people i play with. i know the novelty will wear off once i start grinding to get teir gear, but i heavily advise if you want the most out of the game, TAKE YOUR TIME! if you actually read the quest txt you might actually give a shit about the characters and their story. blindly clicking accept just makes it feel like work instead of a story trying to be told.

  14. Stopped playing after WOTLK got stale, thank god.
  15. Check out Guild Wars 2 OP.
  16. I quit playing after cata. I played on and off since vanilla but never experienced much end game except ICC. Yep I was a wotlk noob. But my server/guild died and my rl friends quit playing so the game just go extremely boring to me. I'll stick to console gaming from now on.
  17. I started playing wow when it was just wow vanilla. best fucking game ever back then! then the burning crusade appeared and i was kinda iffy about it but things were still rather smooth. you would would occasionally get pwnd by a belf or a draenai but w/e. then wrath the lich king came and the game was dead for me. i tried going back to it when cata came out. all i can say is holy shit! everything is fucking backwards. also, extemely fucking boring now. it's a shame really... unfortunately, with pc gaming, everyone wants to copy world of warcraft so everything sucks. with console gaming, everyone wants to copy call of duty so everything is shit. too many fucking generic video games nowadays...
  18. the exact same thing happened to runescape. i quit cause it's not fun anymore. developers fucked it up. they started appeasing the noobs.
  19. that and the 1323131234556676345 botters destroying the economy
  20. Yeah man, they turned WoW into a faceroller game. It used to be a challenge man now its kinda shitty. Vanilla kicked ass, BC was pretty righteous too. WotLK was the one that turned it from classic into the shitstorm it is today. I still played till halfway through cata then I quit, raiding was eating up my schedule.

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