What happened to TKB's Strain Post?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by MrSmoke, Oct 12, 2010.

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    Seriously helpful thread gets deleted for spam?

    Was it moved?


    Edit: I'm not trying to rally any angry mob or anything, just generally wondering what happened to that thread as it had helpful information on many strains I was interested in.

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  2. Looks like TKB is banned..

  3. Ok, but whats that have to do with all of the useful information in that thread? I'm in the process of planning my next grow and now I'm lost!
  4. agreed not trying to start a mob but that guy's thread was awesome
  5. This is horrible news. Caligrower has been the one spamming up the forums and they end up banning TKB? I hope this gets cleared up. TKB is an asset to this subforum.
  6. Gents, people don't get banned here for no reason. The fact that someone got THEMSELVES banned means that they couldn't bother following the rules and were given multiple chances to do so.

    Having good information doesn't necessarily mean they're a good citizen of GrassCity
  7. I understand and if his ban was warranted then it is what it is. However there have been a lot of false accusations lately from people with a vendetta against TKB due to their own ulterior motives.
  8. bans here are not issued willy-nilly. If he was banned, it was warranted.

    Remember, you don't see everything that goes on here, admins can.
  9. This.

    I guarantee you that no one on the mod team had any kind of vendetta against the guy.

    Hell, I had no idea who he even was. I don't venture into the grow forums much. :p

    Rest assured that his ban was completely and totally warranted, just like all of our bans.

    I'm sorry about the thread, but I'm not sure what to tell you about it. Perhaps this will give someone else the opportunity to step up and make a similar thread with their experiences? :wave:
  10. I understand. I just saw his posts were labeled spam and thought it might be a case of wrongful accusations. His thread was very informative and not spam at all.
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    To be clear I was not accusing any moderators of the vendetta just a regular member. Could you please explaing what warranted the particular thread to be labeled spam to prevent future issues?
  12. This appears to be cleared up.
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