What Happened To This Invention??

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  1. So mad! You don't even know!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2wG90QlZSU&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - What Happened To This Invention??[/ame]
  2. the fuck

    how recent is this?
  3. The YouTube was uploaded Sep 28, 2006. How is this not HUGE news? They'll air anything these days, wouldn't this be a home run? Especially in 2006?
  4. "He just has to hope water prices don't go up, like the gas prices."

    HA Ha har!!!! Fucking hate dumb shit news banter.

    I was also wondering when this was posted.

    It's insanity that more stuff like this isn't televised, let alone used.
  5. Here's a snopes thread about it...they basically say it either is a hoax, or it uses a massive amount of energy in comparison to what it gives (one poster said the max is like 1.6kw, for an input of 5kw).

    snopes.com: Magical water fuel: A successful hoax? Or, what's the catch?

    Here's some Wikipedia about it:

    Water-fuelled car - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Apparently, this stuff is the same as "Brown's Gas", which has been proven to be a hoax, so I doubt this is big news.

    It also says a lot when the manufacturer of this product has now said it can't run a car, but can be a "hydrogen fuel enhancement".

    I'm calling scam (or at the very least he's blowing some smoke here).
  6. It better be a scam or to the moon with them!
  7. This,

    And as for OP, if you listened to the report it said water and ELECTRICITY. With the energy used to create this process the costs for electricity would make this a non-viable solution for energy.
  8. Thanks dude... You just bummed me the fuck out (bmtfo)...
  9. A quote from the same wiki article:

    A hoax? Or is ^ a result of threats and/or consequences if technology was implemented?

    And I'm sure they paid him off for the use of that word.
  10. Thats pretty sick. Theres plenty of ocean for everyone
  11. Except the cost to make the electricity to run this machine wouldn't make it worthwhile.
  12. the real future of fuel is already in use on the south side of norway called the hydrogen highway. stand alone solar electrolysis stations along 800(?) miles of highway that you drive up to and refuel at. done. here in phoenix, 350 days a year are clear and sunny..... but people dont give a shit about solar for some reason.... oh yeah, we're american. just like this elixer peddler and his magic gas. speaking of magic gas, my bong needs a reload.

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