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what happened to the yfff and offf

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. i mean no one really aknowledges it any more are there still any out there helloooooo are u guys and gals outtttttttttttttt there??????????????????????????
  2. what is YFFF?
  3. OFFF here and accounted for!

    YFFF = young fried fatrs and fartettes.
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  4. serously is that all the peeps that are showing up where is every one hello any one out there
  5. yfff here
  6. yfff here\o/

  7. Yfff here too

    Oh my god...I'm almost not a teenager anymore! I turn 20 this summer! I know I'm not old, but it's kinda sad knowing I can't be considered a teenager much longer :(
  8. I loved being 20. i dunno why but from I remember (lol) :D it was a goooood year
  9. just turned 30, so stop whining. youth these days! i remember when i was young. we had *rules* then kidz. no smoking till 4:20 among others. kids today smoke even before they get out of bed!!!!!!!!

    naw, everything was better when i was young :)
  10. YFFF here and accounted for :)

  11. oooohhhh--- hes bringin em alllll back lol :smoke:
  12. what is the differential between the two??
  13. offf sgt of arms, BACK in da house, er City!!

    let me hear ya say Haaaay Ya'll!
  14. Hey Ya'll!
  15. hey budhead:), and all the fff's:)!

    offf here!
  16. ....and tomorrow is freaky fried friday....... i work. but this weekend i've got this 80's martini party to go too, i really get right into these theme parties. i just friggin love em. so i'm pumped. little off topic;)

  17. Damn right... It's time we give some of these new-schoolers a bit of a history lesson :D

  18. OH SHIT
    that sounds like sooooooo much fun lol.
    We had an 80's party on campus one year. It was a blast. We hit up the salvation army to get geared up lol. Fantastic place for any nostalgic party!
    The martini part sounds tasty--hmmmmm its toooo early for one today you think? :D
  19. LOL.....maybe Im an eoff.....extra old freakin

    hey the youngins didnt invent smokin before gettin outta bed...i did it everyday before work in the 70's ....5:10 am...light up an get movin...

    I couldnt get up at 5am now if I had dynamite under my pillow...besides its easier to just stay up....god I wish i had some smoke...LOL...ya know when you get old waitin for something to grow is ten times as hard............hell you might die before its ready....
  20. that my friend gave me the funniest visual...not tidy...but funny nonetheless

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