What happened to the respectable females?

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  1. I dont know what happened but it's redonkulous now. I've been searching for my life partner, my wife, soul mate, whatever the hell you want to put it now i'm sick of saying it. For years I've went through women and their personalities, I've seen the lies, the deceit the wrongful of their ways. There has been women in my life with exact words "i'm looking for the perfect guy" with explanations of the perfect guy. But then she goes out and fucks any random guy and complains she cant find anyone good. Or the.. I'm tired of all these games and drama. and yet, you're the one who's lying and drama.. They ask and cry for something and yet reciprocate in the most opposite direction..

    I've never once talked to a girl with "Sex" first in mind. It was always personality first and see were this goes. I'm tired of all the disgust I see in todays world.

    Then we have the men who are players, *****s who fuck it up for the real men. At least the good respectable women. Ive heard stories of women in relationship for 5 YEARS. dude hit it multiple times and was out~

    I dont need a women with a past, all the drama and shit to accompany that big fat ass..
    players give the bruises that last~

    I'll be straight up honest, take it as lies if you want, whatever

    I am still a virgin. There has not been ONE respectable girlfriend I had or women I KNEW that was really worth it. Getting older it's getting harder now. But now that I really see the truth, I'm glad. The good ones are so rare.. She's having a hard time finding me and god damnit.. I'm struggling to find her.

    What are your thoughts on this matter?
  2. Another "there are no good women out there" thread. How original.
  3. I am totally with you man. Same with the guys though. Everyone thinks they have a role to fulfill instead of being themselves. They try to be what society makes them think is sexy or cool or "hip".(lol hip) It really annoys me because not only are girls doing this, but literally almost everyone I know tries so damn hard to fit some mold, and doesn't understand why I'm so strange or different...
  4. Maybe if you didn't wallow in self pity a respectable girl would come to you. Stop trying so hard and just live your life.
  5. I agree with you on some points, but then again as the previous poster mentioned, you're trying too hard. Just let this stuff happen naturally. Of course you gotta let the opportunities come...meaning continue to talk to females and not judge each and every one of them as a collective whole.

    One day you'll find the right one (guy or girl) :)
  6. Penises come in all shapes and sizes guys, don't let that bring you down. Lol jk jk but seriously, times have changed. Don't be the Neanderthal of evolution, you got to change with the times.
  7. why are you still a virgin man ? time is running out!
  8. If you want to find a decent girl, you'll have to become friends with her first.

    Don't just go out looking for a relationship, that never works, and girls smell it from a mile away.

    So instead just go make a bunch of friends without having this whole thing in mind.
  9. If you are straight up and honest, your approach cannot be much of a disappoint at all imo
  10. seems like you're just angry at women because you can't get pussy
  11. Your looking for a princess and shes waiting for her prince charming. You two will never meet
  12. sounds like another case of 'nice guy syndrome'.
  13. you mean like for example where the guy is seriously convinced that he actually is nice, then goes off on a rant about how women are all whores, guys that sleep with alot of girls are all assholes who ruin it for the "good" guys, and conveniently he is still a virgin because he can't find anyone "worth his time?" (not because he's actually a judgmental asshole)

  14. you hit the nail on the head, my friend.
  15. I agree with op
  16. Society has changed and women along with it, I think it's harder for women to become respectable nowadays more than it used to be simply because being "non-respectable" is now accepted everywhere so much more...Look at all the reality tv shows like jersey shore, 16 and pregnant, all the drama and BS that goes on in these things all influence a womens view on the world. I'm sure there are still respectable females out there but you have to try and become the most respectable guy you can be if you want to find them.
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    Sad shit
  18. If only you knew how much i agree with you. Im actually 23 just turned jn nov. im smart work go to school im pretty cute fit i like to think im funny and i happen to date a lot . No i dont sleep with them . No im not a virgin and no im not fake . I just dont feel that chemistry that ride or die feeling yet but i sure know I'd never feel that for some guy who sits there judging and being negative . Keep that bad energy away
  19. Blade above pics or it isnt true ;-)

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