What happened to the plane that hit the pentagon?

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What happened to the plane that hit the pentagon on 9/11 ?

  1. It was vaporized by the heath

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  2. It wasn't a plane, but a truck bomb

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  3. It is a secret setup/hoax by the US goverment as disinformation

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  1. When a plane crashes the parts (if any) are quickly moved to be tested to determine the cause of the incident. Yes it was fairly obvious here but, the FAA still follows the same procedure for all crashes. Anyway I don't remeber seeing any plane parts in the footage of the twin towers either.
  2. We were discussing this very topic at our state Libertarian convention a couple of weeks ago. They can't remove the plane that fast. Anyone know the flight number? This goes with my topic of why the fighters weren't scrambled. They had 4 fighters around Payne Stewart's plane in 12 minutes. I wouldn't put anything past the Amerikkan government. After all, marijuana is a dangerous drug and those that use it support terrorism. Theyt are correct on this because the C.I.A. is a terrorist orginization that imports marijuana into the country.
  3. Look at the ground the fire fighters are standing on.. Bomb, Plane, whatever you beleve happened there was some sort of cleanup before they stared the rescue effort.

    The reason you don't see photos of the intial clean up is simple. What makes a better front page a picture of the guy clearing the way for the rescue workers, or the Rescue workers themselves?
  4. i saw that site before and didnt know wut to say. but i dont know why the govt would want to lie about whether it was a truck or a plane.

    more interesting question in todays news...did G.W. Bush know about the attacks and do nothing?
  5. Me thinks that the gov't is fucked up and always has been. Before we had a govt we were fucked up. tarring and feathering English supporters. And now, we "police" every country. That's why they hate us.

    Let me ask you something: Have you, reader, ever hated a cop?

  6. good point.

    and i like your avatar. :)
  7. Ok now i'm not sure if im correct...but the plane didnt hit the pentagon head on. When we view the video youll see that the plane first hit the ground and then rolled into the structure. Now as far as where the plane went I think it most likely was insenerated by its own heat. But like I said im not sre what im talking about but this is what I know...please write me back with more info(corrections and stuff)
  8. plangon! lol
  9. I served in the U.S.A.F for 6yrs. in the Equip.Op. career field. I witnessed numerous air crashes, and was responsible for clean-up. Often there was NO recognizable pieces of aircraft left.

    I personally witnessed enough deceit to be aware our Govt. lies to us, but am afraid we've gotten to the point where we automatically assume a conspriacy is involved in any incident! :smoking:

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