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what happened to the party

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by critter 11, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. The one by the river with all the blades ??????.Happy times for all,higha doing the baby sitting with stonie jo and stonygurl.Unoit fishing with Bud Head and BPP argueing over who is the best fisherman :D ...woody and me growing under lights and a heap of great outdoor growers tending the feilds .Cowboy and a few others playing rock and roll.Norm and Digit meeting in real life ,lol.Nubbin and his pills and van .Too drunk and stoned to do this justise .lol.Please feel free to carry on :D.GanjaMom and mrs dingus bake offf ,lol.IMMothership telling us stories of far away places.[​IMG] justme ,l miss you and cc buds..............................Mcurry my man and mickey T...mslegallyblonde,mslegallyblonde,mslegallyblonde.l love you.Ndicabud and colarardo wolf and my mate smokinokie.What happened to the stoners of the world uniting for the good of all ??? l had a dream,l missed my friends zonedude ,obliv,hippie john,weedboss,hatebreeder,XxJWxX,xplicitcontent,


    .ViciouS. PM X
    420girlie PM X
    aeroblurg PM X
    AlphaOmega PM X
    arseface PM X
    Big "D" PM X
    Big Poppa Puff PM X
    BillyBongThortn PM X
    Blix PM X
    Bud Head PM X
    bud stuffer PM X
    budburner PM X
    Cali_Toker PM X
    Chronic420 PM X
    cloudman PM X
    ColoradoWolf PM X
    cowboysaxman PM X
    cowofsteel PM X
    cs_shoota PM X
    D9_THC PM X
    daiseyduked PM X
    DaWodin PM X
    deadhead PM X
    Digit PM X
    dirtydingusus PM X
    dizzysavage PM X
    dr_krapp PM X
    earth girl PM X
    elementxero PM X
    eyecon PM X
    farside12 PM X
    flowerchild420 PM X
    ganjaguy420 PM X
    GanjaMom PM X
    ganjaphish PM X
    Golem-146 PM X
    gravy PM X
    hailChickenWing PM X
    highawatha PM X
    hippie john PM X
    hydrator PM X
    IceCreamKidd PM X
    IGotTheCottons PM X
    IMMothership PM X
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    JJ the beast PM X
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    Kind_Of_Bongish PM X
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    lacrossestar PM X
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    mcurry PM X
    MrSmokebigbuds PM X
    Mr_Criminal PM X
    mslegallyblonde PM X
    mulli_melli PM X
    MysteryMoogle PM X
    namron_420s PM X
    NdicaBud PM X
    NuBBiN PM X
    obliviot PM X
    overgrowray PM X
    patchoulie420 PM X
    phunkyphil PM X
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    Reform MaryJane Laws PM X
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    xplicitcontent PM X
    XxJWxX PM X
    zonedude PM X

  2. must i say again...........I AM NOT THE BABYSITTER!
    i am the fisherman judge!!!!!
  3. I'm no babysitter either!! If I didn't love ya so much - I'd be pissed!! LOL!! I've been busy doin' my "housekeeping duties"!!

    I know exactly what you're sayin'........I've been lookin' for that party!

    It must be the chicken strips. We must all synchronize our chicken strips!!
  4. *Aw* :( im not on the list lol
  5. im here...... doin stuff..... all stealthy an what not..... :D
  6. I was getting blazed, where were was everyone else?
  7. I was sleeping, and then i was eating, and then i was working, but now i'm here and i'm smoking.
    (Crazy Fishing)

    omg, too funny.

    that pic looks like the orietnal version of my mate gaz. hahahaha.

  9. Well, I would offer to watch the squirts for ya but I was among the victims forgotten because of that evil bastard STML ;)

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