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What happened to Smokinokie?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by justme, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. Can anyone tell me where Mr. Smokie is? I don't see any posts from him...[​IMG]...and I got a sad PM from him. I hope he's ok...he's a good guy.
    *If you happen to see this my friend please PM me and let me know how you are?

  2. Hey all!

    Bet ya been talking about me, huh?

    I ain't been around a 'puter at all, I just borrowed a friend's to come by and see what's up. HOLEEEEY FUCKIN SHIT!

    I want to apologize to everyone. If it did'nt sound like me talkin, then it was'nt.

    These last several weeks have been a fucking nightmare!
    I've been accused of just about every foul thing you can think of!

    I'll be back around later on.

    Got some BIG stories to tell!

    Sorry again.

    I did'nt want the whole world involved in my problems, but some thing you just can't control.

    Mr. Superjoint!

    If there's anything out there from "me" that's offensive to anyone please delete it for me! I'd go look myself but I just ain't got the time!

    Thanx man!

    Hope everybody is well and I'll see ya soon!
  3. Uh, if that's really you Smokie...we miss you! I'm glad your still alive too.
    Now, if this is Mrs Smokie...I don't know what to say...except think of your kids, and how this is effecting them?
  4. Glad to hear your still kickin,,when you get your situation together...we'll be here to read about the

    keep yourself together.......peace

  5. wow smokinokies back!! i look forward to these stories that u speak of
  6. good mornin to all was reading yesterdays posts , yes smokie can write a good storie & he has wrote some music .he dose imbeliesh them a bit, im sure in yaalls eyes hes perfect but im here to tell you after being maried to him for 16 years you dont KNOW him like i do , dont fogett there is always two sides to every story, we have been seperated for 7 weeks now and are going together for counseling which we both feel has helped, and again i apoligise for my rash behavior, only one nite was i under his name ( you can oly kick a dog so many times before it bits back ) he comes here to talk to youall cause he can say anything and hes toataly beleived no one questions what he sais! we have hit a real stalemate in our relationship i dont know whats going to happen now im ready for anything . i hope for the childrens sake we can work this out , we are only one out of two couples of the origenal crew who are still maried , and that is a good feeling! there are things we both have to work on we have met many challenges w/ his diferent work shifts that has also caused problems. its hard to make a marige work when there is a computer involved , iv only used it for emails never going to chat rooms & so forth , up until recently now i call grass city home its helped me to work out some things, there are some wonderful people here & i think you know who you are !!!!!! pms are wlcome i read them all just remember im conjering good enerjy i need the streingth for the children & myself good spirets to all have a good day patch
  7. Patchoulie/Mrs. SmokinOkie, let me be the first to say that you are always welcome here at grasscity. This site has always opened its arms to kind and gentle soul that comes here for friendship, companionship, or to just blow off steam.

    We are all sorry for the troubles that you and your family are going through and if there is anything that we can do, just speak out and someone here will come running.

    As far as Smoky goes, he is a dear friend of many of us who have listened to his stories. But that doesn't mean we can't be friends with you as well. Smoky has always spoken highly of you and his family and we all hope you get everything peacefully resolved.

    We all know Smokies a bullshitter but hell we all are here at the City. We love the stories he tells and I know he really wants you to tell us a good embarrassing story about him.

  8. Yeah!.....What he said! :smoking:
  9. High Patchoulie...

    We all embellish a little bit... [​IMG] [​IMG]. Actually, I wonder if alot of us are frustrated writers, and story tellers. For myself, I find it cathartic to write.
    But, you must know that we all view smokie as a mainstay (a friend) in this community of intelligent, and creative potheads...[​IMG]. There have been many a time when Smokie's humor, wit, and compassion have been a big help to many poster's here.
    I also realize there are two sides to every story. I wish you well...and the kids are doing ok. Maybe you and Smokie can work things out? It always seemed to me...through his posts that he was in love with you and your family. I think that's something he really might want to take that into consideration?

  10. Smoknokie-good to see ya still kickin'. I hope things are well for your whole clan.

    To the Mrs., you made many valid points.....there are usually 6 or 8 sides to every story, yours, his, the kids.....from what I've read of what your ol' man ever wrote about you was love and respect......sounds like you guys have been together for a long time and you have something worth fighting for.......and remember this fact-THEY ARE ALL ALIKE.......also they have to put up with a bunch of our shit, too, at my age you can't hardly hide the fact that you're not quite purrfect!!!! Also, you kinda got a shitty start here but I was impressed to see you come back and admit it was you and apologize. I figured you had to be better than that. We've all done things we're not exactly proud of.

    I've got an idea.......maybe you two should try dating....I don't know.....I just hope y'all work it out. It sucks to see another marriage flushed.

    GOOD LUCK YOU TWO!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sneaky, sneaky, BPP!!

    Smokinokie, it's good to see ya made it back for a little while, we're all missing you around here. You always know how to draw a response from everyone with your funny antics.

    To both you and patch, I wish you healing and compromise. You two seem to have a solid foundation and lots of love between you, so I know things will be okay. ((((hugs)) )) to you and your girls. And patch, welcome to grasscity!! I am glad you found us, and I hope you stick around for a long time.
  12. Smokinokie we miss ya do come back soon, please!
    Patch420, BPP and unoit said it best. I truly hope you two stick it out through the hard times, and your relationship works out. It seems to me that you both are good people and caring individuals. The fact that you are both trying to work this out gives me hope!! That you get back together??? *fingers crossed*
    Hope your kids are doing well, and hope you guys can figure this out. If either of you need something, as BPP says, you are both welcome here @ grasscity, and to me you're both "family."
    Hope the kids are doing well, and hope you're both doing well too!

    p.s. and yeah, grasscity rules over the TV anyday! :D
  13. Just a simple nobody saying keep your head up girl. I don't really know ya'll but it sucks to hear when people are having such problems. MY best to you and your M8,....and especially the children. If you need to vent, or get something off your chest from what I've read in my last 40 something posts the people here are super and the attitde is superb. Good Luck. Peace Out... Crocodile.
  14. I never thought in a million years that I'd have soooooooooo many people from soooooooo many different places watching my relationship go in the toilet!

    In this age of "reality programming" maybe we should be shooting for primetime on the networks! Quit the day job, be on Jerry Springer, or maybe..........even............OPRAH! OMG!!!!!

    My friends.

    For y'all are that.

    This is a place that if you don't like somebody, you can just reduce them to letters on a screen.

    But your friends.

    You can see yourself havin' a bong and some port and wonderin why it's so hot if it's winter, and swapping lies with the Aussie version of Hulk Hogan, watching it rain (something we need bad!) on the WET coast, or swatting 'skeeters in 'Bama.

    I truly did'nt want the whole world involved in this mess.

    But thank you all for kind words!

    I'll be back!


  15. Glad we could help. Hell we ain't got nothing else better to do than watch "as the okies turn"

    And I'm still waiting for an embarrasiing story from Mrs Patch on you!
  16. Well mr. smokie I have a secret to tell you! I am DIVORCED with the ex living with me only because the courts have given me custody of the kids ( with the exception of the baby)! The courts will decide on the baby in June after the baby is born!

    long fucking story as to how things wound up this way.

    Any way glad to see ya still sticking ya head in here from time to time! I've missed seeing ya around. I hope you and the misses get ya shit together and things work out!

    I love ya signature!!

    Keep the faith my friend!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Holy shit Batman!

    Note to self: Don't lay any cracks on Bud about this subject!

  18. Touchy situation there Big Poppa Puss!!!!!!!!!
    You might not come back after ya'd been there!HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahaha!

    Just remember kids marriage is for when you love her not what she does at the moment!
  19. life's a bitch, and then...well you know...

  20. Like PoohGator's signature says "Life Is not just a Bitch, it has puppies!!" :smoking:

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