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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by JaneInMyBrain, May 18, 2004.

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  1. I posted on here about how to make meth earlier. And now i cant find it. Does ne one know what happened to it or if it got moved does ne one know where??
  2. It is against th rules to talk about the making of other drugs.. We have allowed questions to be asked about other drugs as far as then do\'s and don\'ts but that is the limit...

    If you want to learn anything else, search google or another site..
  3. damn sorry.

    I mean you got the DXM extraction thing so how was i suppose to know?
  4. Ummm, This is grasscity :D.

    l would have thought it reasonable to expect this site to stick to marijuana related subjects..

    There are plenty of sites out there about other drugs and ya would more than likely get better imformation from them than here.

    And yeah ya right that dmx thread should proberly go to.
  5. ya check out www.erowid.com for meth making if ya want.
    And a little quick DXM faq for yall.

    Pour some robbussion shit (dxm) onto a plate or in a bowl or somthing, but not to much. Now take some pot--only do this in bowl size pieces of pot. Then put the pot where the cough syrup is and let the pot soak up the cough syrup (remember not to much so you don\'t soak the weed).
    afterwards the pot may actually look redish (or whatever color the cough syrup was) the dyes in the syrup will slighty stain the weed.

    The weed will pick up the cough syrup--and let that dry, then smoke your pot...and I gurentee you will get fucked!! lol

    Basically you will have extracted the dxm in your pot and so that way you can just smoke your pot and be a happy (very happy/tripping) camper. lol

    My friends done this--he says it defintly works!!


  6. HIGH All, yes I second that ^^ Also.

  7. I\'ll third it!
  8. I disagree, the whole point of putting up the dxm thread was so people would stop posting new ones asking how to get it/make it.

    dxm is a popular drug right now so I think it would be better if people at least knew how to use it safely, too many kids are farking themselves up by taking tons of pills to get the desired effect when they could simply extract it.

    meth is a lot different though, it\'s more dangerous and much, much more addictive (i\'ve never done it but I don\'t think dxm is addictive)
  9. I fourth that

    But, also in my opinion considering this is a marijuana forum not a coke, meth, LSD forum and what not I dont think there is a need for threads about other drugs. I think the only reason talk about growing shrooms is allowed is because shrooms are often associated with marijuana because they are natural. I also think the only reason talk of extracting DXM is tolerated is because there are a few well respected members on this board who do DXM every once in awhile. But then again, the posting of info about other drugs does offer some variety to the \"POST HERE IF YOUR HIGH!\" or \"\"How much do you pay?!\" or the countless other threads that get reposted by different people each day.
  10. I just read your thread about meth.

    We allow the discussion of other drugs and they only belong in the General forum. However, there will be no discussion of how to make meth. Robo trip all you want but the City will not be responsible for the making of any meth lab. There\'s a liability issue at hand and we have chosen, well within our rights, to not allow your thread to exist here.

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