What happened to my plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bighead00, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. Around week 4 of flower, some leaves started to get some. Brown spots on them. I used neem oil but they just look burnt to a crisp now. Should it be safe to smoke?

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  2. I would think so. prior to Paul Buynaning them, make sure give it a good flush for last 5 or so days just to get any fert taste out. And double inspect the bud for anything weird.

    * Clean up the dead crispy leafs.
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  3. Tomorrow is week 9 from flip. All cloudy trichs. Middle one is starting to have alot of amber. S
    Is it normal to have a plant finish that fast?
  4. some are burnt from heat others are dying from the incorrect amount of nutrients and type .
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  5. Did you spray the neem with the lights ON? What it looks like to me(I’ve done it lol).
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  6. I fed them twice before I realized I was putting way to much nutes in. But someone told me the brown spots were mold and to use neem oil. It started with one plant and moved to another but the other 10 are fine. Heat is playing a problem. I got fans and duct to suck out the heat and it's just spreading the heat around the tent more.
  7. Yes I did lol. I guess I wasn't suppose to?
  8. raise the lights some to help the burning . and no not spray with led it can make hot spots i am told . never had that issue my personal self so can comment for sure what my tender told me. so spray them before lights on let them dry first. and stop using neem oil it does almost nothing and taste horrible in your buds .. nasty nasty. taste the oil see for your self .
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