What Happened To My Old Friends (Guy And Girl)

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  1. Without giving too much background I'll tell my story.
    I used to hangout with a large group of friends. Mostly all my friends were knuckleheads.  Some of us were more responsible and some of us were more reckless.  One of my best friends (Friend "A") had been a friend of mine for a long time.  He was reckless and talking to this one girl.  She was alright.  She'd be slammin' if she kept fit by exercising or something.  But she never played sports and had a "thick" body.
    I thought she was real immature and annoying.  So, she didn't do a whole lot for me. She would start fights about little shit with my friend.  I didn't really care for her.  Never wanted to be friends with her but we would hangout in a group so it was whatever.   Another good friend of mine was the right hand to my best friend.  He was almost always around.  I never felt like he was really loyal to any crew so I was always just so-so with him.  Well he would always do little favors for the girl and talk to her all sweet.  My best friend would be like "WTF is that shit?"  he'd start saying shit but he was mostly joking because that was his right hand.  We would all laugh.

    That one friend (Friend "B") was always put in the friend zone with girls and never got any pussy really.  Mostly just because he was fat and girls don't want to be caught fooling around with the fat kid.  That's what I always figured anyway.  But after a while those two friends got into a fight over something.  My best friend was pissed off because he thought of himself as the boss a lot of times.  He was saying how he made that kid who he was and how'd he be just a loser without him.  I thought that was messed up but he was a maniac really.
    Eventually, I stopped hanging around with this kid and basically the whole group because we all hung around together. I knew police were watching him because he was not smart.  I didn't like to hang around like that.  Eventually he was arrested and whatever else.  His girlfriend was always around and she's lucky she wasn't arrested too.  She was not so smart anyway.
    Those two broke up and she moved back home to her house which was actually always just 2 houses over from mine.  We always knew eachother but we never talked much.  She was friends with my younger sister for a couple years growing up.
    Anyway, I started seeing that one friend picking her up and spending a lot of time at her house. I thought that was a little messed up because we were all good friends and that was my old best friends girl for the longest time.  He used to be his best friend too.  So, one time I saw him picking up weed where I do. I hadn't seen him in a long time and had some things to talk about because another old friend "C" had just got locked up too.  "B" was sending people he knew to "C".  C told him no more but he did anyway and when he got pinched he was saying "B" ratted on him and so "B" doesn't hangout with any of them anymore.  So, the girl was riding with him shotgun oddly enough.  I just really wanted to talk to him bc I never cared for her at all really.
    OK, now for the fun part of the story.  I'm at home coolin' and "B" is at this girls house like a lot of days.  All of a sudden I hear her screaming "Why did you do this? No! Why did you do this?!"  "Why didn't you come ready? Why did you do this?"   She is just screaming at him and repeating the question over and over.  Then she said something that he said they needed to stop at his house to get $40.  She started yelling and saying how she didn't want to go there and he should've came ready.  She said she has money and doesn't need to get $40.
    She started screaming at him and calling him a "piece of shit".  LOL she was heated.  I really wish I thought to record it on my phone and would've uploaded it.
    Then she said something about how he was going to bring his dog over so her dog and his could hangout.  She tells him to leave and says his dog is staying there. Meanwhile, this girl lives at her moms house so her mom comes out and he has to ask her for his dog back.
    Man, this bitch is really crazy though.  I guess maybe I never realized she was nut batspit crazy before.  Kind of like my friend "A" too.   B was much more decent and not sure why he puts up with that shit.  He is such an idiot.
    What happened to my friends!

  2. I'm having a hard time deciphering the order of events depicted in your story, OP. Could you perhaps summarize?
  3. wait what?
  4. Two things....
    Firstly, I propose a change to the GC site that requires a TL:DR summary for any posts over 150 words.
    Secondly, I really wish all kids would go through a Lord of the Flies type of experience growing up. It would really help to eliminate these kinds of social messes...
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    Cool.  What is anyone supposed to say in this thread? I had a hard time even following along with in a basic paragraph.
  6. They're stupid and ego-driven. Blame society for raising them that way.
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    Well, originally I was going to post this a couple months ago when I started seeing them around a lot.  I was going to say how should I deal with them. I was pretty close with them but now I just ignore them all for the most part.   No sense in talking really. I thought it was funny that my one friend was such a dick but ended up losing his best friend and his girl. One day I was walking my dog and he was there picking her up.  As they were driving by they are just making out.  Kind of fucked up of the other friend though.  The girl was pretty much always an idiot too..
    The girl must really be crazy though because I never heard anyone scream like sp crazily. Screaming outside and there was another time too  I think they're just potheads and I don't think they mess with anything else really.  Definitely not meth.
    It's almost a shame I ever associated myself with such people.
  8. sounds like momma needs some plan b
  9. Shotgun abortion
  10. What the fuck are all of you talking about?
  11. A little something called growing up :/ . It sucks but everyone drifts apart after numerous hours spent together, at one point in time. That's life, everything happens for a reason. Oh and I comprehended it just fine, I don't know about the others ^^.
  12. TL; DR but I'll comment anyway, you shoulda fucked the cheetah.
  13. LOL op your post is quite entertaining when I'm baked. I'm glad i don't read into that shit too much lol.
  14. you lost me man :D
  15. white kids with problems lol
    its really not that big of a deal man. who gives a fuck?
  16. Got like 75% through it and got lost

    Needs a TLDR
  17. Im sober & this shit confusing as hell

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  18. If tl;dr is ever appropriate, this is it right here. tfuckingl;dfuckingr
  19. High school bullshit.  

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