What happened to my lady?

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  1. So this is my first grow & I'm sorry for not having pics, anyways, I have one 4th tall plant in a 3 gallon container. Bad, I know but I can't afford anything bigger right now. Anyways, my plant is in it's final stages of flowering, I actually thought it was done early due to most of the hairs turning amber. With that in mind I thought I better hurry and flush my plant before I miss my buds at their prime. Bad idea. Ever since then my plant looks dead. No longer do I have the little crystals, & most of my leaves have curled back to the extreme & feel dry to the touch. The leaves edges are rising and upon closer inspection I see discoloration in some of the leaves. Yellow spots. My buds look pretty bad, especially the top nugs, it looks like the life has been sucked from my plant, and it feels that way too. My bud no longer feels sticky, instead it feels hard and dry. The leaves look terrible and I don't see how my plant could recover. I don't think this plant could've dried out faster if I had chopped it up and hung it to dry. I guess what I'm trying to ask is if I should go ahead and chop her down before the problem gets worse. I'm sure some people will say it's just overwatering and to give it time but I don't know if it has time. I'll try to post pics a little later. Btw using FF soil & nutes, everything was looking good until yesterday when I did that damned flush. I tested the runoff PH & it was 6.5. Help?
  2. What you can do is go for it. If you are thinking of chopping it down, you can also do the opposite, build it up. First off, I totally disagree with the whole "flushing" thing. I think it is the most bogus concept that is floated around on these list. Why? Yeah, I know, the Goddess of the forest hippies said to.
    Anyway, make sure your plant has enough light and heat and let it dry out and then give it a good bloody feed, if it hates it, what's the loss?
    The symptoms you described could be too wet or maybe sucking for nitrogen. You said final stages of flowering? what week, makes a diference as to what you might do, what strain, makes a difference also.

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