What happened to my budss???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by puff99buds, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. just gave my 2nd does of cha ching on friday night. both times 1/4 tsp. the 3rd i havent checked on but heres what the two looked like.. 1st dose-- the one i saw more trichs. the other one looked the same.. 2nd does- 1 week later. the one that looked the same i saw some more trichs, and some of the side buds plumped up alittle more.. the one that looked good the last time.... buds looked smaller, didnt have that solid feel they did before. they kinda feel mooshy.. does it sound like its got to much N? ive been giving them ff bb and tb also.. i know tb is kinda high in N to. but idk.. havent gave them any other nutes really for atleast a week except for cc. can anyone help me out here?
  2. pics would really help ja
  3. only got my cell phone and its really shitty quality. i was trying yesterday.. theres nothing really to look at tho. the bud leaves are yellowing so idk if N. buds just looked like they shrank alittle and dont feel as solid as they day. i know its a 7-9 w strain.. what happens if u let it go longer?
  4. Ok here is the deal my last time i was way under feeding and I was only giving like half of the small scoop well little did I know I was way under feeding it after I flushed her and started giving 2 of those scoops per gallon she shot up and has been happy as hell ever since and remember not once a week but EVERY OTHER watering so if you give it a gallon a day then every other day mix 2 little scoops of FF BB in with it

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