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What happened to multiplayer...?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by dom12, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Seriously, is it just me? I can't find myself ever sticking to a game in multiplayer anymore. I just don't know why but I can't ever play multiplayer games anymore, nothing just keeps getting me to comeback and play more.. I have Halo 4, Black ops 2, Battlefield 3, nothing really holds my attention...

    Gears of War 1 on the other hand I played for YEARS. Loved the shit out of that game, played gamebattles and all that shit, looking to do that again but wtf can't find a game that holds my attention anymore... Quite frustrating...
  2. I played WoW for a couple years, League of Legends for about 2 years, and SC2 For about 1/2 a year. It really seems to me console doesn't grab me but PC definetly does.
  3. Call of duty 4 was the only mp I was ever addicted to
  4. Dude I know. It's not the game it's the fags that play and make the game gat
  5. Decent multiplayer died with the ps2 D=
  6. and no one talks anymore. i remember laughing my ass off at conversations in halo 2
  7. I think it's partly because basically all games have multi player now. So the audience of multi players are fractured amongst many different games. And because you have less people in each game, or because there are always new games coming out with multi player you don't really get the community in multiplayer games as much as you used to back in the day.
  8. I think it's because so many multi-player gamers are shooting people in real life, then killing themselves.
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  10. Maybe we'll have to wait til the next-gen consoles for something truly innovative to come out... One can wish...
  11. we had a special thing going on in the early days of multiplayer games.

    i remember the "sensation" of connecting to a mutli-million playerbase and finding games.

    halo 2 was the fucking shit. the first game i played big map battles on. that fucking snow map and tanks, holy shit. you cannot beat that

    or like, the original planetside. original counter strike 1.6

    those days are over. most game companies are creating their games off of already "successful" games like black ops. IE: Far cry 3 multiplayer resembles that of an island modern warfare.

    EA has pretty much trampled everything .. along with big business game corps.

    (lol when origin crashes into the funny)
    [ame=]EA in a Nutshell (Similar applies to Activision, etc.) - YouTube[/ame]

    fortunately there is a rise of an indie/game marketplace playerbase community. Steam has just launched "big picture" which is a very cool concept in my opinion

    ive even bought a controller to play the steam sale games I bought like Super meat boy & Portal 2. hell - even skyrim
  12. Call of Duty has ruined multiplayer games for the next couple of years at least, as every other AAA game goes "Oh Call of Duty is doing so well, I'll try copy them!" and it ends up failing miserably as you get stuck with terrible multiplayer games. The only online games I touch are Left for Dead 2, Garry's Mod and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, everything else is terrible.

    Yeah, there's a lot more angry people playing now too. I can't go for five minutes playing BF3 without seeing the chat box fill up with childish insults and people abusing each other.
  13. angry market angry players
  14. Play pc and find a game you like, seems like community's stay around a lot longer.
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    Yeah we need something new for christ's sake! And tfgla that steam thing is sick, never knew about that til now. You just plug in an HDMI and play? Fucking sick!

    Edit: I have a PC, legit no games' multiplayer hold my attention... DayZ, BF3, Minecraft did for a bit...
  16. I'm a console gamer trying to get started in the pc gaming world.

    CS, DayZ, (insert any pc game here) and I wanna play it. Hell mods alone make me wish I could have the money to get a powerful rig going.

    But I agree. I bought Halo 4 and BO2 for their multiplayers (expecting revolutions in both, but typical COD sold me the same crap again) and I dunno. I don't feel as pulled in and immersed.

    I miss the fun, exciting days of multiplayer gaming. :(

  17. Yup, you and me both. I just feel that the communities are a huge part of what's missing in games these days. They should incorporate more social gaming and shit, maybe that's what we're looking for...

  18. I remember the days where my ribs were killing me from laughing to hard at the conversations in CoD4. It's a shame that games have boiled down to such basic extremes that lasting longevity isn't in a company's best interest anymore.

    That's what's turned me away from almost any shooter nowadays. I'd say RPG's are becoming the best gaming genre and even then they're starting to become stale in a sense.
  19. I've been playing Planetside 2 for the last few weeks.

    Although it can get dead at night, it has a pretty good community. I've found myself laughing or shit people were saying or playing over voice chat.

    I'm really digging planetside 2. For one it's free, and unlike most free games you aren't constantly being bombarded with shit to buy. And two, I love the huge epic battles I've been. I was just telling one of my friends about a battle I got into one night that had about 1000 people fighting in it combined from both sides. Was pretty epic.
  20. I'm not talking shit about consoles but moving over to pc gaming solves all those issues. A better and (IMO) more mature community, most people actually use their mics, way better multiplayer options (notably games like dayz, pay day, chivalry, planet side) etc...

    I moved from console gaming last year and would never go back. Although war hawk and cod4 were my shit.

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