What happened to me?

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  1. So I was at this concert, and I smoke all the time without any medical problems, we smoked half a blunt on the way there so we could sneak it in a cigarette pack, but we were up in the crowd and we decided to smoke the rest. After we were done I had trouble taking in a normal amount of air, like I wasn't breathing in enough oxygen for my needs. And then I said something to my buddies about it and then my vision starting tunneling. Like when you press on the corner of your eye and black checkers start to invade your vision until it's gone. But I had that in both eyes and all the way. They decided to take me away from the crowd before I passed out. So I was just standing in the same spot and they were trying to turn me around ad I couldn't move. I told myself to turn around and start walking but I couldn't for about 10 seconds. Idk if my vision was black or if I had just closed my eyes at that point. When I finally turned around all I could think about when walking through the crowd was passing out and banging my head on something. My second thought was I really needed to act normal so emts didn't come over or get brought there by a person in the crowd. But when I got away from the crowd I laid on the ground and some lady gave me her water and told me to walk it off. I was just laying there telling my buddies and my gf to act normal just in case. I couldn't tell them how I was doing. I wasn't sure if I was in good enough shape to do anything unless I did it. But this has never happened before and I'm wondering what your thoughts on this are.
    Thanks, skaterlace
  2. One time me and my friends smoked in the woods. One of my friends doesn't really smoked, and after we finish, he just falls to the ground, face turning really pale. We told him to close his eyes to make himself look like he was dead, it was pretty funny, he even laughed too, but his face got even paler. We started to think, what the fuck, but we gave him some water and he felt better and went home to sleep it off.

    All in all, you just got to high. Water helped you out if I read this correctly, just like my friend.
  3. THC can cause your blood pressure to drop. Seems like that's what happened to you.

  4. ^This. As well as blood sugar.

    Did you eat beforehand? It's a pretty bad idea to smoke on an empty stomach, especially in the heat
  5. ^Ive had similiar effects and have since concluded that it was probably low blood sugar
  6. You got high.
  7. U smoked to much. It happened to me a couple weeks ago. U gotta know ur limit. My rule is never smoke more than a bowl and a half of quality KB within a 3 hour time period:)
  8. Dude I know this makes me sound like a fiend but I always smoke way past my limit. I just three fat bowls of bong rips of blue cheese and I have a low tolerance like a bowl would get me really high on that stuff. Oh and I just remembered, my girl said my face was really pale and my nose started running
  9. I know when I don't drink or eat anything when I've smoked I don't feel very good, maybe that happened to you?
  10. Eat at least once a day! Water is always good also. :smoke:
  11. Oh yeah and my were watering like 10 seconds before I told anyone I dust feel good
  12. this has happened to me before, the first time i thought someone had rufied me lol. once it happened at a bar where i smoked before and only had 1 beer and once at a concert after smoking a bunch of blunts in hot weather. Both times my vision started fading out cloudier until everything was black. i started sweating like crazy and had to sit down and get some water.

    eventually my vision slowly faded back and i felt fine. i think i had eaten both days too. After it happens the first time you can recognize it coming on. didn't even feel sick or throw up. Its weird because Ive put a lot more weed, unmentionables, and alcohol in my body other times and I'm perfectly fine.

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