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  1. Me and some friends went and met up with some other people in a local parking lot. This being Canada and none of us really caring, we started to pass a bowl around and someone rolled a joint and passed that around too. There were cars probably 20 yards away and I could see people going into stores, it was like midnight though so nobody really seemed to care.

    Well after a few hits from the pipe and joint my vision started going really static, like a tv does when you put it on a channel you don't have. I couldn't see anything and I started to lose my balance. I stumbled backwards and tripped over a parking space block thing. I then got back up, only to fall over again, this time without tripping on anything. When I fell that time I started shaking on the ground, kind of like when you are trying to snuggle into a blanket how you move your entire body to make it fit, I was doing that on the ground. I got up and fell again twice more before someone finally convinced me to sit down. Throughout the entire thing I kept saying I was fine even though I clearly wasn't.

    I've smoked much more weed than this before and been fine, so I'm not really sure what happened. I did have a smoke before hand and I have't had bud or smokes in about 4 weeks.

    Did I have a seizure? Panic attack maybe?
  2. Doubt it was a seizure...and i think panic attacks usually feel like a heart attack so probably not that...mabey u just got a bad reaction or somthing...smoke again and see how it goes
  3. Was it mixed w/ tobacco? I get nauseous when I smoke spliffs.
  4. Anxiety attack? The mind is scary powerful...
  5. I've had the same exact thing happen once when I was 16 or 17. Just like you described. Never found out what caused it and it never happened again.

    I completely forgot about it, thanks for reminding me man. :eek:
  6. I have had anxiety attacks before, but its never made my vision go like that, and its never been in public. But I suppose I am a recluse so that could be why. It was really strange, and I got a cut on my face and several cuts on my hand from falling so much, lol...
  7. this could be it if it there was tobacco and your not used to it

    did you smoke a blunt?
  8. if it was a small seizure you would have likely been sweating alot during or after or both
    they are more common then most people think.....

    what you discribe has a bit in common with a small partial seizure....but im not the doctor
    i wouldnt be worried unless it happens again or has happened before-then you mite want to see a neurologist

    any other symptoms?

    with a partial seizure there is often a sound..kinda rhythmic noise that goes along with that fuzzy vision you discribe but not always
    also often but not always a metallic taste in your mouth....for me it was always copper taste like a mouth full of pennies.....

    when it starts it is much like a head rush from standing up to fast only it keeps going and gets much more intense depending apon the severity of the seizure.....

  9. Well I had a ciggy about 20 minutes before we blazed, and it was cold as fuck outside too. No blunt or spliff, just a joint and a pipe being passed around between 6 people.
  10. You got extremely cooked and let your anxiety get the best of you. The "static vision" happened to me in my earlier smoking days when I could get blasted over a couple bowls. Of course if you are that high, you will lose balance, which is normal. But perhaps the fact that there were people within site of you triggered your anxiety. And you just started moving around because, well, you were high. Nothing serious.

    What you described is nothing like an anxiety (panic) attack. I just had one last week in which I was on my bed for a few minutes after an incident triggered my anxiety. Luckily I was in my room and not in public. It's hard to describe unless you've had one.

  11. had the pipe been used for something other than weed?
  12. Well I couldn't really hear anything, it was more like I couldn't focus and thats why my sight got fucked up. My ears felt really loud, like big. It is really hard to describe.. Sort of like there was a lot of air pressure around my ears. When people talked it was like I was underwater hearing them, it was muffled and kind of distorted. That is kind of what happened, it started like a head rush before my vision blanked and before the falling over.
  13. Possibly, I don't know the guy who owns it very well. Nobody else was acting like me so I didn't really think to much into it.
  14. The core symptoms seem to be: spotty vision, trouble standing, and being light-headed.

    Taken together this sounds exactly like a sudden drop in blood pressure.

    Marijuana can cause your blood pressure to drop if you are standing, which you were. Most of the time it won't matter too much, but if there are other factors affecting your blood pressure that day: the temperature, what you are wearing, even what you had to eat that day, they can combine and cause you to become light headed, your vision can begin to cut in and out, and you'll have trouble standing.

    Because blood pressure can be effected by so many things, it's likely you've had way more to smoke in the past and never experienced these same symptoms, because whatever else was driving your blood pressure down didn't happen during those past occasions.

    In the future, sitting down usually mitigates the effect and then time will allow your body to get your blood pressure under control again.
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    I think its the butane going through the pipe..

    its happened to me a couple times like once i didnt realize the bowl was cashed so i inhaled a lot of butane fumes and i lost all balance and my vision was going black/purple/ starting seing like ring patterns and some static. i layed on my bed and my legs were like trembling and then it was over within 8 seconds. oh i also heard this weird ringing sound like a stun grenade from call of duty

    im almost positive its the butane fumes it does that when you take a lot of it cause i did it on purpose one more time lol cause i kinda liked the disorientation

  16. i hear this alot....the thing is a seizure (depending on the type)starts the same exact way......not telling you had one....but what you discribe is similar enuf to think about seeing a doc if it happens again.....

    seriously read some of the info in the link i posted and if you think its possible you had a small seizure go see a doc!
  17. I think it's likely that you inhaled Butane because I've heard similar stories as well and I don't think that many people suffer from seizures. just my opinion tho
  18. I definitely agree with this.

    Even if it's just blood pressure changes, that's still not something you want to screw around with. See a doc if it happens again.
  19. i'd think it was a drop in blood pressure. the same thing has happened to me multiple times, except i just sat down rather than trying to fight it. i've seen people have seizures and what i've experienced and what you described sounds nothing close to that. factors common to both my experiences were being dehydrated as well as not having eaten that day, along with the temperature being extreme and obviously having smoked.
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    you would be surprised how many people have had small seizures without even knowing it.....

    a seizure does not always involve twitching and shaking at all

    a small partial seizure can be a simple as a very strong feeling of deja-vu
    believe it or not ALMOST everyone who has experienced deja vu has experienced a small partial seizure

    what it comes down to is a little "extra" electricity firing off in your brain....how it affects you all depends on how much extra and where it begins as well as where it travails to in your brain

    btw- not everyone who has had or does have seizures is epileptic

    there are many types of seizures .....
    i would have them without anyone being able to tell anything was going on at all.......
    and what was described is in fact very close to that.

    and the things you describe....dehydration...extreme temperatures....not eating...all these things also affect seizures.....

    remember im not telling you thats what you had....just that it is similar enuf to watch out for!

    if it happens again talk to a neurologist!

    in this thread i describe in detail several different types of seizures.....as i have had them all......every kind there is i had....http://forum.grasscity.com/general/general/4...t-sceince.html Today 05:28 PM

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