What happened to me?

Discussion in 'General' started by tko13, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I used to love smoking weed until i had a bad trip on mushrooms. For some reason when i smoke i get really tired and bored and just start to think about alot of stupid things. Ill think people dont like me or like treat me differently than they treat eachother just a bunch of stupid things like that and i will be like this for days after i smoke.And i dont act like myself either. Once i quit for a few weeks i start thinking straight again, and i want to smoke again. Like now, i havent smoked in a few weeks and my heads back on straight. Does anybody have any idea whats happening to me?
  2. dude this happens to me too. dont worry. ive learn to not smoke during confusing or stressful times during life. well smoking AFTER something stressful or AFTER youve figured all your shit out it fine. just make sure that you have a straight mind before you smoke. and dont smoke when your depressed. i find that happy music like bob marley, damien marley and siter nancy lift your mood a lot after.

    thats just my experience. hope it helps bro
  3. could be depersonalization.

    have you felt like your in a dream sort of.?
  4. No not like that. But the thing is i feel fine if i dont smoke for like 2 weeks or so.
  5. lol weed helps me while Im stressed out or depressed
  6. me too. i was just saying that if your stressed about something coming up and you smoke before it, it could hurt some people with dealing with it.
  7. My rule is if it no longer fun why do it? Doesn't sound like your enjoying it, why keep smoking?
  8. You've obviously got some shit nagging away at you from deep down inside.

    When you have a bad trip on mushrooms, its best to take all those negative feelings and try to resolve them, try to make them right.

    You think people don't like you or treat you differently than they treat each other? That thought in your head alone is no good and all its going to lead you to is self pity and a bottomless hole of doom and despair. Instead, make something of it. Maybe its about time you realize that everyone starts out with the same basic potential and no one is really that much better than anyone else. Sure, some people are really athletic and some people are really smart but they're all shit if they treat other people like shit.

    There's a lot more to life than worrying about whether or not other people accept you. If you strive to do good and be good, you'll start finding good people in the crowds around you. Live for the experience that's around every corner, don't waste away your days drowning in remorse.

    Your problem isn't marijuana. Weed makes you think, it makes you wonder and ponder and take strolls through your brain. Use these thoughts to learn and to grow, use them to embrace the world around you and to rise above the ordinary existence so many others settle for.
  9. This happened to me after my first shroom trip, and I just quit weed for about 4 months.

    It sucks i know, but im back to toking now harder than ever:)

    But if i were you i'd just take a break for a while until you truly want to be high. Theres literally no point if its not enjoyable.

    OR try using higher grade bud, or just a "cleaner" smoking device like a bong to keep your head as clear of bad thoughts as possible.
  10. Thanks for the help both of you.. i really appreciate it

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