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  1. Basically, I am what you would call a lightweight. I've been smoking since around the exact same time last year. Since then I'd say I've smoked about 10 times, each time I got high. This last week however I've smoked 3 times.

    But just yesterday. I had some of my stash by myself (first time smoking without company). I rolled it and I'd say I had about .7-.8 to myself. I'm assuming this is high for someone with such low tolerance. I'd also never have had so many hits before out of a single joint. The effects were like nothing I'd experienced before. I couldn't close my eyes without imagining shit.. Just pieces of my imagination kept appearing and transforming. I also had several flashbacks of my past. I couldn't stand it and I was overcome with anxiety. I almost threw up and I couldn't stop thinking this would never end.

    Well I ended up getting an early night's rest. However for all of today I've felt incredibly tired and unmotivated. I still feel high (mentally, not physically if that makes any sense). I can't concentrate on anything and I'm so tired.

    Please tell me if this is normal and when these feelings will stop. Normally I love the highs where you can relax and have a good time laughing with people. But last night was not enjoyable. My mind kept racing and I was so nervous.
  2. could be the strain, could be that you just smoked too much and got greened out.

    dont smoke on an empty stomach, it will lower your already low blood sugar lvl and you will feel fucked, trust me.

    also, i find that eating helps to bring down your high, it may not happen immediately but its worth a try. Just smoke less, little little bowls, or something, *****
  3. theres a really simple answer to this.
    grab a bag, roll a j, get high.
  4. then roll another one, put it to your lips, light the lighter, slowly move the flame towards the joint, inhale in small puffs, try not to butcher it or let it run.

    smoke the joint until its a roach.

    you be high.
  5. Smoke a little less this time then? When you smoke a lot and have a low tolerance those effects can happen.. enjoy them! When you become a seasoned toker it would be pretty bad ass to get those DEFINED effects you were describing that I remember when I first started. They can be comforting, you just gotta relax and not try to fight your thoughts or whatever.

    Don't worry so much man, it's just weed. You're not going to have long term effects from blazing, just control your amount it to the point of where you feel how you want and then stop if you don't want to get blitzed.

    Edit: I strongly agree with the above post, gee whiz.
  6. you just have a low tolerance. we're all jelous, trust me
  7. Sorry wasn't trying to be a dick. That image is what came into my head when i read the thread title, so i posted it. lol.

    Next time you should try smoking less and spacing it out. And don't smoke on empty stomach either(idk if that was teh case).
  8. ^ He said it.
  9. Normal. I use to get like that, wake up and be all hazy, now I feel great when I wake up.

  10. agreed.

    how you enjoyin yo' decriminalized tree kottonmouth?
  11. Same Shit happened to me man i got the flashbacks too.
    Either stop smoking by yourself or just learn to get used to it.
    I know what you mean smoking alone can be scary sometimes.
  12. Just relax bro trust me, only way your feeling like this is because your axious, i used to be like this and when i got high it was kinda shitty and u just worry about shit etc. etc.

    Just let it go and feel calm and cool and you'll feel the "bliss" of being high

  13. hes right, you just have to build up your tolerance.

    In my opinion everybody usually has at least one high where it is experienced more intensely than the others. Its just hitting you with full force for the first time. Smoke more to build up your tolerance.
  14. Dude you were just really high. It's very euphoric. Anytime I'm in a bad state of mind, I just turn on some chill music, sip water, and breath deep. Make your surroundings chill so you can keep your mind calm. It's just weed bro.
  15. Smoke more, don't stop smoking, smoke everyday, make sure you smoke as much as you can, smoke everyday, live in a bubble made out of smoke, smoke everyday, breathe in as much smoke as you can, smoke everyday, smoke everyday, smoke everyday.
  16. + Rep, anytime I feel that I'm getting too high or that my high is spinning out of control I just take a nice cold drink of water and remind myself it's just weed and there's nothing to worry/panic about.

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