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What happened to me on my first time / How can I smoke again?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Scarlet Cyanide, May 13, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I'm new to the herb and last night I was alone so I rolled (I use this term loosely, I basically scrunched some rolling paper with some weed in it! lol) a joint with just weed in it, it must have been about 75% of a 10 bag I smoked the joint taking big hits and holding them in for about 30 seconds and then taking another hit until the joint was gone. Strictly speaking this was my second time smoking as I had a little before. I thought nothing was gonna happen and then after about 15 minutes I started to get this weird spaced out feeling, then my eyes went EXTREMELY red, I started to get this feeling where, every couple of seconds I would drift out and then I snapped back into reality, suddenly, I felt as if I were in a thick jelly like substance and when I listened to music I thought I was inside it. I didn't get particularly hungry but I got very thirsty. I also randomly had a fit of the giggles whilst lying in the dark alone in my bed. I felt as if, if I listened to music or watched TV I would be absorbed into it and it was too overwhelming, I was too scared so I tried to go to bed. My heart was racing rediculously fast and the muscles in my face / neck went weird, I thought I was having a stroke / Heart attack!
    I eventually managed to go to sleep and then all day today I've felt really detached throughout my body, but just able to concentrate enough for school etc, however every while or so I space out and then come back to reality. I want to try smoking again tonight or tomorrow but don't want this to happen again, any advice etc?

    Oh and PS I'm an A* student and just wanted to try this stuff, will it affect ne neurologically and make my grades suffer? I feel as if its harder to concentrate / make a sophisticated sentence
  2. Sounds like you got high dude.

    Smoke a spliff next time. I get three smokes out of a ten bag.

    Also don't smoke when you have school/college the next day. That's retarded.
  3. sounds like a good high to me
    u should get a pipe
  4. This is the same thing that happened to me last night too i would like to smoke again but i got scared because i couldn't move, all my body felt really heavy
  5. Sounds like a fun day too me :D
  6. It wasn't that fun, I felt really scared, it was almost like a Salvia trip to be honest :/
  7. why not i smoked every morning before school all the way through hs and colleg and had a 4.1 in hs and a 4.0 gpa in college
  8. Got really high. Smoke less next time, don't have to smoke an entire joint to get high.

    And leave out tobacco if you are thinking about it.

  9. And just think of how you could of done if you hadn't been high the whole time.

  10. worse probably lol started smoking late in freshman year and the whole time before then i had shit grades like 2 D's and like 5 F's weed helped me concentrate mor

    edit actually i take that back i had one A before i started smoking in history cuz im a total history nerd
  11. What happened was you probably got zoooted! That is normal, a good thing... :)

    If it was too much for you to bare, don't smoke a full J by yourself, maybe just half. Buy or make a bowl or bong and just take one hitters.
  12. your grades wont be affected

    if your stupid and you smoke pot, you'll be a stupid pot smoker
    if your smart and you smoke pot, well you get the picture

    smoking every day with low tolerance can bug you out though

    smoking a lot at night with low tolerance, i find fucks me up the next day

    btw, you got wayyyy to high, a whole joint is wayy too much, a couple hits will do you in
  13. To the op:

    Its something that's pretty common when your new to chiefin'. It'll be a lot less intense as far as your heart attack/ stroke paranoia is concerned. I would recommend not smokin mon-thurs bc of your grades. YOu mentioned you zoned out in school (who doesn't lol) maybe you better get used to it fri. & sat nites then ease it into your regular routine. Hope this gives you a little..

    Btw I loved your buzz description. Very well written!! A+ :D
  14. You'll get used to it, you just smoked tooo much.

    btw, it only takes about 3 seconds to get all the THC your lungs can get, 30 seconds your just depriving your body of oxygen and absorbing the smoke which is bad...

    btw, weed doesnt do anything to grades. if your a lazy person, your gonna stay lazy. if your not lazy, you'll stay motivated. most people that blame weed for there problems, would have them no matter what. :D

    ps: i had 90's thoughout high school, smoking weed everyday

  15. You'll know what a Salvia trip is. It's nothing like Marijuana. Nothing like Marijuana..
  16. Sounds like you got really baked and maybe had a slight panic attack. The best way to combat this is to make sure you're in a place where you're comfortable with being intoxicated for the next 3-4 hours before smoking.
  17. dude u just got really stoned, with my 4.0 gpa in College , It won't affect you academically as long as you have self control, work first then play. Happy toking
  18. Yeah man salvia is a bagilliooonn times more intense. I could see the world collapsing beneath my feet and thought my tile kitchen floor was the sea. You'll know the difference between the two... Trust me
  19. Sounds pretty standard. I've had the same thing as a new smoker, the whole anxiety "oh my god I'm having a heart attack" spiel lol. Your fine, nobody has ever died or had any negative health impact from these situations. Like everybody else was saying, weed won't make you stupider, that's just a stupid myth. Like many other people, my grades went up after I started smoking. Not because it made me smarter or anything, just allowed me to relax and have more fun, so when the time came to study and crack down, I was ready! Also a great reward for a hard day. Oh and btw, you are holding in the smoke way too long chief. 30 seconds?! goddamn, only need to hold it for a few seconds, its not salvia. And even the strongest weed high ever doesn't even compare to a salvia high:smoke: GL to ya!
  20. ill have what your smoking please?

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