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What happened to me last night?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kevovaries, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Ok so I've smoked like 6 other times. Only getting a tingly feeling the time before last night. Then my friend and I decided that i need to feel a real high. so we smoked ALOT. we mixed some bho on it. At first it was just tingly. Then i started walking and i noticed that i wasnt getting any closer to anything. I knew it was coming. But it came way more intense than anything ever. I started being able to control myself coming in and out of reality. I thought it was so cool i could control it. Then we got in mcdonalds, and someone smelled me. Thats when all hell broke lose. I instantly left mcdonalds with the people that smelled me, i was so paranoid that the cashier heard them say that they smelled me i made all of us leave. We went to a halloween store, then it was just awful. Some little girl said it smelled funny. Then more friends started saying hi. I didn't know what to do so i started saying someone farted and tried to walk out. i guess i ran out, but it feels like i walked. Anyways i just walked, then i saw a huge group of kids, and they knew exactly that i was ripped off of my ass. I was just wandering, they were all screaming my name and laughing. They told me to come down by them but i coudlnt do it, my body wouldnt do it. so i just wandered, for a long time. Next thing i know, i wake up in a field, high off my ass. I hear them screaming my name, but they were long gone by then. i thought they were still here. I couldnt understand anything that was going on. i thought i was going to be stuck high forever.I tried dialing 911(idek why, i was just way to high) and it wouldnt work. i was just too high. I layed in that field for an hour till i sorta came back. it was the longest hour ever. Did i get laced weed? or did i just get ripped off my ass? my other friend was completely fine off the weed, but hes gotten high before.

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    maybe an alien planted an ass probe inside you and thats why you woke up in a field, thats where they planted it in you
  3. .....
  4. Sounds loke you got roofied and raped

    You should get yourself checked

  5. well i was awake the whole time. i just realized that i was in a field the whole time after like 30 minutes. My pants were on and my butt didnt hurt, lmfao
  6. If your so high that you prank call 911 maybe you shouldn't smoke weed

    If this is a real story that takes the cake.
  7. Lol thier are mad threads just like this one
  8. cba to read.
    Answer: You smoked too much weed
  9. no, lmao its serious. Should i just not smoke alot at once? haha. and it wasnt a prank call. i was just scared and thought theyd help lawl
  10. Lol

    Don't be scared daddy's gotcha
  11. You said you had BHO, that is really strong stuff for you only smoking 6 times. You just got really high cause you have no tolerance

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  12. Sorry bro. But you sound awkward as fuck.
  13. At extremely high levels (no pun intended) it can feel like its not even weed anymore. I realized that the first time I had a gravity bong at a time I barely smoked. I wish I could be high as long as you were high. I feel baked for like 20-30 minutes and within 90 minutes Im not even high at all anymore.
  14. Nope, just sounds like you were way too high. Your body isn't used to that much THC. You will probably never be that high again
  15. You just got high as fuck! It's just since it was the first time you got high( not just smoked weed) it was a lot. You smoked too much and it was just a shock I guess. Don't worry bro.

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  16. Well, you're new to smoking and you smoked a lot including bho of all things.....

  17. It sounds like the time my friend smoked weed laced with embalming fluid without knowing it. Idk why it hit you so hard man. Your weed wasn't laced if your friend was fine. Next time don't go so hard, ease your way into it.

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  18. i was the one smoking with him and we were hitting a gravity and just kept hitting non stop for like 20 minutes he prob took about 10+ hits of the gravity bong before we started going around places
  19. were you on shrooms?
  20. I recommend not giving a fuck what people think. As long as you don't have weed nobody can say shit. It makes the situation even more burnt to just panic and leave  :hide:

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