What Happened To Gc...?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by ParanoiaKills, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. This place blows now. You used to have this awesome app that allowed me to access this forum from my phone. You were supposed to have a new app.....a month ago?? Now, due to the app being down, there is about 66% of the users who aren't online now. Including me. Peace out grasscity, peace out trolls, or maybe I should say good riddance?

    And don't slander my opinion and tell me to be patient, your wasting your time :)
  2. There is a new app well for android atleast...
  3. Yea.. its been slow as fuck since the update.. hoping it picks back up. I never knew how many people used the app until the update
  4. All that matters, my love, is that we're still here. :D :wub:

    People just have to bitch. It's obnoxous.
    This must be the 776th thread made to this effect.
  5. Fuck, this place will be so much worse without you!
    don't you think we don't notice
    it's fucking apple in this case, a company I love , but hate atm
  7. I mean you can only do so much.. you won't please everybody..

    I actually like the new lay out.. I just wish the activity would pick back up..

    As long as my love sassy is around I'm golden..

    Black... but golden
  8. Im sure the app has some to do with it, But i bet the fact that summer is here is helping also.
    You folks that decide to leave, dont make posts like this, log out and go about your bisiness.
     We all know Gc is one of a kind, :gc_rocks:
    most will be back and when you come back we will be here to remind you of this post...;)
  9. Every technical equipment i use is Apple product but at the moment i so dislike their policy. 
    We are sorry about the delay about the app but it is not on our hands but make sure we are doing everything on our hand to resolve the issue.
    P.S : I started to use S4 more and more each other day because of bigger screen. 
  10. I'm trying to stay updated but since the app is now gone it's so hard! Used to click one button and BAM! GC right on my screen...but now the hassle with internet and the new layout (which i'm not a big fan of, but oh well) i'll be on here for sure...just not as much :/
  11. 4-5 years ago..... GC > Hydrocanna( where most grow members have gone to, if they didnt end up @ ICMag ), Opengrow, RIU
    now ...  RIU, Hydrocanna, Opengrow > GC
    serious guys... if better grow info is being passed @ RIU .. GC has major issues.
    and as per summertime = slow.. summertime is traditionally when GC explodes with new members and old ones coming back in my recolection.. just not this year.
  12. Gold on the inside, right, TinMan?
    And if you don't like it here, don't come here. Period.
    What good does it do to come and condescend and degrade a community that some of us still actually enjoy (aside from the incessant bitching and whining by people about things that are entirely outside of the realm of anyone's control.)
    Considering that change is the keystone for evolution and growth, it is appalling to me how resistant people are to it.
  13. Gold on the inside, right, TinMan?

    On the inside of my mouth.. bling bling son!
  14. Lemme see ya grill!! 
  15. Too Sassy.

    My post on this subject is as useless as your replies. Can you disagree with that :D

    Too yoda.

    This is a public forum, ill post what i want :) ban me, it saves me the trouble of actually deleting my profile.

    Too other?

    Yeah I used to love apple. Customer for 8 years since there first gen phone. I won't be renewing my contract this year, ill get an iPad, a metro pcs phone, and save $75 a month
  16. Bye, bye..... :cry:    :gc_rocks:
  17. Mad at apple, rants at GC.
    Nothing like burning your bridges. :smoke:
    Soon you will be converted to Android :devious:

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