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What happened the first time you smoked a quantity?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Mar 5, 2003.


What happened first time u experienced cannabis.

  1. nothing at all. brain didn't know what to do with the thc.

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  2. freeked out and hid under a bed

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  3. WHITEY!

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  4. little bit light headed, bit of a buzz.

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  5. got stoned. no more no less. as it should be.

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  6. Got so fucked up. went crazy.

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  7. fell asleep pretty quick.

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  8. cannot remember / not saying

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  1. inspired by another poll.
  2. was pritty fucked up..
  3. don't remember :(

    BTW, this is my 900th post!! WOOHOO!!!
  4. first time just got a little buzz, wasnt till my third where i got reallllly stoned, i thought that it wouldnt work so me and my boy smoke 4 bowls and 2 fatties.
  5. i was all like hyper and running around laughing.. not much of a buzz

    but still out of my mind, definitely
  6. AAAAAAARGH, digit i just realised the eyes on your avatar follow you around the room.... paranoia setting in AAAARGH
  7. my first few highs were the best highs ive ever had from weed. Never been able to get high like i did the first few times i blazed.
  8. I got stoned plain and simple!!!!!!

    Was that on the poll?
  9. I bought a £5 bag of skunk and bonged it all... wasn't really sure what to do or anything... i just packed one bowl, smoked it, packed the other, smoked it and then got one more bowl out of the bag.

    I was the most happy I had ever been after those bongs :D And I was swaying everywhere when I stood up. Definetly a good experience.
  10. The first time I smoked a large bit I just sat there. I could see people walking around and doing things, but we were just sitting there, hardly talking. Just straight up zoned out stoned. And I loved it =p
  11. first time i smoked, only got a hit and a half... got a bit of a fuzz and that was it... second time i smoked, we smoked a half ounce and i was schtooooooned. like... REALLY high! LOL. i was pretty chill. just went with it... pigged out, laughed a lot, pigged out some more... ya know... the usually stoned things that people do, :D

  12. yeah it was even freeking me out for ages too.. that's when i decided to make him blink ever 40 seconds... then that freeked people out too cos they'd see him blink out the corner of their eye then stare at it waiting for it to do it again for about 37 seconds max then get freeked as they saw it again out the corner of their eye.... SO: it's been changed again.

    it's not my intention to freek people out with my av... unlike NuBBiN... hehe ... icecream freeko.

    yeah bud head.. it was there... somethin like "got stoned. no more no less"
  13. one time i smoked some killa kahn (or king, the south is so undefined). i mean just like 4 good bubbler hits. I could not remember who i was. I could not remember the color of my car and where i lived. I tryed to remeber what my home but as soon as i visuliesed my room and such i forgot it agian.
    It was really bad. i just could not remeber anythinh. Even my name! DAmn. I was at some dudes house and i just left. i was a bitch. just got up and walked out (never liked hime) and drove home to go play my fav comp game. it was vary cool lookin back at it all
  14. lol
    I've been freaked out by many an avitar.

    namrons n cottons especially :p
  15. The very first time was I was smoking soapbar, so I don't count that as my first, the first time I properly smoked (Skunk) I got way stoned because I wasn't expecting that much of a leap from hash to skunk so I smoke about 1 1/2 bowls to myself hehehe :)
  16. i dont know why but i feel asleep for like 2 minutes and when i woke up, i was so fucked up. not badly fucked up, but a good fucked up........if that makes any sense.
  17. O god the first time I ever got high was with my sister and 4 of her guy friends. We had a super joint, this thing was huge, and we all smoked at. So we go back into the house, max starts playing the piano and we were all singing shit we didnt even know, then finally max told me its tradition to go out in the street and sing sugar ray. So we stumbled out on the street and we singing when all of asudden a cop comes rolling by and max and I flew back into the house. then for the next 28 minutes (literally) I was cracking up on the stairs,

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