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  1. I started a plant outdoors and it started to grow... slowly. It took a few weeks to finally grow to about 5 sets of branches. I got persmission to move indoors (and right before I did I cut the top little leaves, i forget what thats called). Growth slowed and then all of a sudden a bunch of leaves started growing out of where the other limbs were. I think thats just because of what I did but there are SO many random little leaves that im not even sure what to do. I used old soil and am now starting to give it some MG tomato fert. Should I keep it on a 18/6 cycle of light dark? I have 3 CFL's btw, not sure about the exact wattage. If I keep it growing will it just keep growing a ton of random leaves or will it even out? Should I just put it into 12/12 and start over with new soil?
  2. Oh! and also... some of the top leaves are starting to get some yellow color and are looking kinda unhealthy. Also some are getting patches of like... brown
  3. come on people i would really love some answers lol
  4. i think i know you.

  5. Do ya? from grasscity or in person?
  6. You toped it...

    It makes the plant produce a hormone and makes it send grwoth to the side branches. it will be fine. I murder my mothers down the the first internode on every branch and they start growing back within a few days it is totally normal.

    As far as pulling it indoors I would not. Outside pest and unless you have 1000w or more light it will not be better.
  7. Well ya know, i dont exactly live in california lol. The summer is gonna be coming to an end pretty soon (I live in New Hampshire)
  8. Smoke Free or Die?
  9. fuck ya! at least thats the code i live by.

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