what happend to my Bud Growth??

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  1. 1 TGA ace of spades in 15 gal pot with 2 1000W HPS lights. Room temp at hottest is 79 degrees. I am running advanced nutes line and using sugree instead of bud candy. I am trying to figure out why my bud growth has been so slow or just not growing.. I just started week 8 today and for the last 2 1/2 weeks it seems my girls buds havn't grown much. At week 6 i had a ton of really nice colas about the size of a 16oz pop bottle but it seems like nothing has happend in the last 2 weeks but maybe the colas getting a little longer but not much. What would cause this? I have been feeding full strength with advanced nutes and never burned her, so I thought because I had so many long nice colas maybe I needed to give her some nutes,so when I watered I added about 1/4 dose of A&B and couple bloom enhancers when watering. I have done that for the last week and half and I'm just now starting to see a slight nute burn on tip but looks good. My soil PH is about 6.7 in roots organic 707 soil. No bugs,no light leaks..Room gets down to 65 degrees when lights are off..30-40 percent humidity. My strain says its harvest window is 55-60 days but today I'm at 56 and it seems like I still have a lot of white hairs and not ready in 4 more days..what could cause it to mature so slow?? No seeds,No bananas, and lots of crystals.. Please any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated..
  2. she just may be taking a week or two longer .. those "harvest windows" are an estimate.

    sound like you are right on track to harvest at weeks 9-10.. just means you get a few more grams in your harvest.. be glad.
  3. thanks for reply. Everything is going good and at week 6 I was just jacked at how good she was doing with all the cola growth and then these last 2 weeks all I was thinking was sh*t I stunted her or did something wrong haha. I was going off of that 55-60 day harvest window,I didnt know that was more of an estimate. Thanks man,hopefully ill get some action here in the next 2 weeks.
    hey,In your last couple weeks do you throw any nutes or bloom enhancers during your watering cycle? or you just plain water..just curious
  4. plain water.
  5. Shes starting to grow again haha yea buddy! Thanks Man

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