what happend the day u graduated from high school

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  1. I'm about the graduate and I'm kinda nervous for the day. Its kinda wierd like if I had a speech or somthing. I think somthing is going to go wrong and all my family is going to be there. I want to know what happend the day u graduated from high school.
  2. Walked in, followed guy in front of me to my seat, sat down, stood up, filed up to stage, one by one walked across and received diploma, sat down, left. Various speeches in between, if you're about to graduate and you weren't told to prepare a speech, don't worry about it.

    I'm sure they'll hold some sort of rehearsal, it's not like they make you do some complicated pattern or something.
  3. It was the beginning of my real life.

    4 serial.
  4. It was... hot. Sitting on the track in the sun for 3 hours while names were read. Pretty much everyone graduated from my school as it was a pretty well-performing school, so it wasn't that big of a deal to graduate. I didn't change.
  5. Heres how it goes down..

    -Walk into a crowded auditorium.
    -Sit around for a long ass time while people do boring ass speeches.
    -Sit around even longer waiting for your name to be called.
    -Walk up across the stage n grab your diploma, shake the dudes hand.
    -Sit back down n wait for everyone else to do the same.
    -Ceremony done. Go out n get hammered with your graduating class... we had one HELL of a party out in the woods... god those days were good.
  6. we were grouped with the teachers who we wanted to call our names. it was fucking hot that day, so good thing the teacher who was going to call my name had a water-spraying thingy with a fan. man, everything was jealous. lol

    so i sat there in the heat wearing a fucking navy blue graduation gown, listened to some speeches i didnt really care for. my group was last, so we sat there for about 30+ minutes listening to other names.

    then after i got my diploma, took pictures with the fam bam then went out to eat with about 12+ of my family members. got some money. came home. friend called me invited me to a party.

    i didnt go to the party, i forgot what i did instead.

    the first day of college is when things change.
  7. the day i graduated was the day i got off probation (i had been on for 2 years). so it felt like the greatest moment of my life. i didnt do anything crazy though. just went out to a movie with some friends. smoked some mids, and came home and played tony hawk pro skater 2 (it had just came out at the time).
  8. I remember that the morning of graduation they made us come into school that morning to do a rehearsal... something that should have taken 20 minutes but took 2 hours. Then we were supposed to come back around 4 or 5 at night for the actual graduation.

    I scored a bundle of heroin that was supposed to be for after graduation but found myself already doing 2 bags in my truck before I walked in. Setting up those lines on my Algebra book was probably the only practical use that textbook got all year.

    I remember walking into the auditorium high as a kite with a big ass grin on my face as I made my way over to my group of friends. For some stupid fucking reason they made us all stand around in the auditorium before lining up and walking out to the field for the actual graduation. I remember I was so high I just kept looking around the room and seeing everyone split off into their own little groups and cliques.. whispering to each other, talking shit and acting like idiots... and then thinking that this final night with all my classmates was pretty much the perfect summation of what high school was... all of us huddled into this room doing the exact same things we had been doing for the last 4 years.

    We lined up, walked out, sat down, went through all the moronic bullshit and speeches from over achieving jack ass classmates who were getting congratulated because they had figured out how to manipulate the GPA system... Then they called my row, I glided up to the stage, picked up my diploma, glided back to my seat still pretty damn high and waited for it to all end.

    Then when it was all over they made us walk this fucking gauntlet... which was HORRIBLE!!! They roped off all the crowd just enough to create this tiny little walkway that we all had to walk down to get off the field... with all our jackass teachers sitting on the sides ready to shake our hands and give us these false congratulations and hopeful bullshit comments about our future.

    I remember that it took longer to walk down that aisleway then it actually took to graduate, with people stopping every 2 feet to snap a picture with some prick of a teacher. I finally got out of there, ripped off my gown and cap and then spent the rest of the night getting absolutely fucked up with my friends instead of going to Project Grad where they locked everyone up in the school for the night with a bunch of lame ass activities... I don't know who in their right mind would ever want to go back to high school for that after graduating.

    Never been back, never looked back... Have fun man graduating high school is definitely pretty cathartic when you finally realize you don't have to deal with that bullshit anymore
  9. we went to rehearsel in the morning, which fuckin took forever. We stood in a hot hallway crowded with 300ish kids, waiting for morons to figure out what alphabetical order means. Then once we figured that out two hours later, we did our rehearsel which took all of 15 minutes. After, i went downtown with all my friends and we treated ourselves to a delicious 2pm lunch at a fantastic restaurant where we reminisced and joked. Then we all went home, i got changed up, and my dad drove me right back to where i had rehearsel. We did the typical ceremony mentioned many times above, through our hats up, and never looked back. After, i took a few pictures with friends, talked with some people, and then left. Oh yea, i grabbed my actually diploma after the ceremony - our school gave us empty dimploma books to make sure we didnt do anything stupid - and as long as we didnt, we could pick up the piece of paper to put in it after the ceremony.

    Then i went out to eat with my family. Then i got hammered. Then i passed out in a bush and woke up at 3am, and somebody drove me home. Fun shit.

    I think im gonna visit my highschool tomorrow for the first time since graduating, which was '07. I dont have many teachers i wanna see, but the few i do, i know they'll be stoked to talk with me.
  10. Eh, my grad suck ass. Went to grad then went home and do nothing. I didn't go party or anything like that. Nobody invited me so fuck them.
  11. On graduation day I drank half a bottle of liquid roxicet. I went home to get something, and my dad kicked me out of the house and told me that he wasn't going to bother to come to my graduation. I spent the day really upset and didn't go to my graduation. I had always said through highschool that if I didn't get laid by the time I graduated that I was going to kill myself, so combined with being depresse about everything that had happened that day, I was definitely considering offing myself the next day. As it turns out though, I ended up getting laid for the first time that night. Haha I was nodding out while she was riding me. But somehow I did get laid that night, so there was no longer a reason to off myself anymore.
  12. Yall didn't have "PROJECT GRADUATION" after yalls graduation??

    After graduation that's where all the graduates go to eat listen to music and play games and shit!! like casino games and it was basicly like ah fair!! it last from when graduations was over, which was like 9pm until like 4:30am i didn't get home until 5am. though. They gave away laptops, 1,000 cash, $500, Refridgirators and alot more shit you might need for college!! We all have that so people wouldn't go out and get drunk graduation and end up dien in car accident and shit yah kno!
  13. i think my school tried to have it but we all went out and got trashed instead
  14. i got wasted all day. had a rager at my pad that night. end of story :hello:

    and congrats

  15. Very true. I remember it was nerve racking and a little bit sad too but when your sitting there with all your friends there is this moment of elation that comes with the realization that it is over. Then you go and get absolutely shit-housed. :hello:
  16. sweat my balls off for a few hours then went to wendy's
  17. The whole thing was boring, and my immature ex actually showed up with his trashy family and booed at me. I don't get why, though. I never did anything mean to him other than dump him. Then I left, got high with my big sis, and went to this local haunted hospital. I didn't see any ghosts, it sucked :(

    There weren't any parties that night, but the next night was awesome.
    It's not as big of a deal as you think it is.

  18. I don't know it was a pretty big deal for me. But i actually did like high school (not the actual schooling, but the experience), and it seems like a lot of people unfortunately look back with less fond memories.
  19. Showed up late as shit. Didn't even sit in the right order, got stuck with one of the guys in my class I really disliked but he was late too so we were stuck. Sat around forever, not next to any one of my real friends. Walked across the stage, got my diploma I busted my ass for, got some applause and maybe some shoutouts from whomever gave a shit, sat down. Afterwards there was this huge clusterfuck (aka photo op) which I really didn't wanna stick around for. So I just left.

    The real fun was the next night when we had a field party. :devious::devious:

  20. Yeah, you're probably right. I was very eager to get out of HS, it was fun and all, but to me life truly begins in college. College is the shit. But some people's lives peak in HS, so I guess that would make leaving really sad? Idunno.

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