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what happen to me?!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Pablo Escobar, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. ive smoked for almost 2 year, pretty much everday unless i run out. Yesterday i picked up some weed, firstly it was spicy the smoke and taste in my mouth, i suspect it must be black domina, from doing research. well anyway i smoed this last night,d my imagination went pretty wild, i only smoked three tiny pulls of a big bud, and when i was about to sleep i would kinda see thing old woman in my head with long black hair and thoughs long old style pyjamas on by the sofa, i didnt acctualy see it but i could imagine it, and see it it was pretty overwhelming. But i told my self im just high.

    Anyway this morning i smoked this same bud as i woke up, i smoked about same as last night but about couple more rips of the bud. Everything seemed fine i was okay, i was going to have a nice shower, i was naked got in, turned the water on, and then i just all of a sudden felt sooo weak and like sick and dizzy, i had to get out alk naked and wet, and just sit down on the floor by the tub i was like felt really weak and like nauseous, i some how got up while walking like unbalaned and just landed on my bed all wet not caring, i was really like out of it now, i couldnt handle it i kept like seeing my room like blurry and fuzzy i was telling my self im just high chill, but i somehow got up feeling still very weak and dizzy jumped on my mums bed because it bigger and more confy and just colapsed on it, then i just layed for like 5mins not moving because if i moved i felt sick and got like chills,like im getting a fever, so i was still and all a sudden my skin went like really cold like a kayer of my body all over just below my skin, and i was just seeing my self through something elses eyes, so i could see through another things percective, then i felt relieved and normal again, i got up and felt so refresehed and calm, and got up to have the shower all this took like 5mins.

    I smoke alot, never ever had this happen to me, it was really overwhelming and weird. Has this ever happened to anyone? Why did it happen?
  2. Take just one hit next time. It's either grad bud or laced with something like over the counter bath salt type stuff. Hope u don't go zombie.

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