What grinders do you all use?

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  1. Just got my new space case grinder today. Can't wait till my keef collecting starts to build up. What grinder do you guys all use or prefer? 

  2. I bought a $15 aluminum grinder a couple of years ago. Broke the screen out of it. I still use it though. It stinks up stash box big time. When I am out of weed, I like to smell it lol.
  3. Space Case or Cosmic are my preferences.
    Right now, I'm using a Space Case.
  4. I got one at local store in town, it's called a Genie, it's a 4 piece and the top is clear hard plastic so you can actually see your bud grind, kinda neat.
    Does the job!  :smoking:
  5. No grinders. Fingers and/or scissors.
  6. Hers a tip, wash your grinder screen in ISO every week or two depending on use.

    Keep the screen clean and you'll collect a shit ton of keif, if you don't you will collect a good amount and then it will just stop and grow at a snails pace... Up to you man

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    I have this vial/container called a Med-Tainer, although it's plastic it grinds herb perfectly. An air tight vial with a built in grinder.
  8. 4 piece sharpstone, sliver.
    Paid $50 like 5 years ago.
  9. I use this 40 dollar Piranha Grinder. It's been running strong for a year and a half so far
  10. I use a Mendo Mulcher and the MFLB Finishing grinder.  Best grinders I've owned by far.
  11. I strictly use Santa Cruz Shredders because they are the only grinders made with Medical-grade aluminum. Aluminum is extremely toxic and non-medical grade aluminum wears down quickly and ends up in trace amounts in your ground up herb. If you've had your grinder for a while and notice the teeth aren't as sharp as they once were, you've been smoking trace amounts of aluminum.

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    I also use this product the Medtainer kicks ass it has round pegs so it doesn't abuse the weed so much just kind of tears it up with more of a natural hand torn kind of concept gotta sharpstone I don't like all flimsy feeling, my grandma uses an alabaster mortar and pestle
  13. [​IMG]
    Nothing too fancy, but they get the job done. The Cheech and Chong one has a kief catcher. I used to have one with a crank, twice the price of metal one, eight times the price of the plastic one, the crank ended up breaking, and the teeth weren't attached to the top, but on a wheel, so it was rendered useless in just a few months. Skip that shit, sometimes simpler is better :smoke:
  14. Space Case for my LSV vaporizer.   Space Case and then the MFLB Finishing grinder for the MFLB vaporizer.
  15. I have a sharpstone right now, and another no name poker chip style grinder

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
  16. Mini diamond grind baby

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  17. Santa Cruz Shredder.  I have the small two piece that came with my illadelph bubbler and a large four piece.  Both are great!
  18. Aluminum kush ftw!!!
  19. Never seen one of those. I visited the website. Looks interesting. Is the plastic strong? The spikes won't break?

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