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What grinder would b better wood or metal

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lus_kills, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. So i wana buy a grinder with a screen but idk if i should get a wooden one or metal one i really like the look of wooden ones but idk
  2. Metal..... do it
  3. I'd say metal, wood isn't going to grind that great. Or just use a coffee grinder.
  4. I bought a metal grinder (at a convenience store, no less) back in april or may. No complaints. Use it (almost) every day.
  5. Coffee grinders are brilliant to use.
    But, if you can't get one of those, I'd def. go with the metal grinder.
  6. Metal is definitely the way to go. I have both and my metal one works a lot better.
  7. metal, it's easier to clean and you can collect keif from it easier.
  8. Metal. Get over looks and get the grinder that's best for your money. Wood easily breaks and it's not as durable as metal. I would also assume wood doesn't grind as well as metal, but that's just an assumption so who knows.
  9. I bought a metal grinder and pollen press and have great fun collecting the good stuff from the bottom of the grinder and pressing it into a lump of dynamite zero-zero hash. It takes forever mind you, After 6 months of collecting I have a lump about the same size as a pound coin. ;)
  10. imo they both get the job done. you can get both with kief catchers. and wooden grinders typically use metal teeth. ive had both and one of my favorite grinders ive ever had was a two piece wooden grinder that i got from a local smoke shop for $5. it the perfect "on the go" grinder. idk it grinded and "fluffed" up my bud. i liked it. and i also had a 4 piece metal grinder that cost me $10. and it got the job done as well as collecting kief. if your looking for to collect kief get a metal one. if your looking for an in the go grinder. go with the cheap wooden one cause you might end up loosing it.

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