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what grade weed do you consider this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Sacra9i6, May 3, 2011.

  1. #1 Sacra9i6, May 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 3, 2011
    would you consider this low mids, high mids, or beasters?
  2. you cant see the picture?
  3. hmmm never encountered invisible weed before. how much was it?
    but seriously pics would help.
  4. sorry guys i think i fixed the picture now
  5. I'd say high mids
  6. i would say bammer or low mids....i would not smoke that
  7. i go by either mids or dank. looks like a mids plant that got grown very properly!:hello: hope it was cheap cause i wouldnt pay 20 a G for it (not that i know what you paid, btw what did you pay? lol) looks like some good but i know better than any other that pictures just dont do bud justice unless you pay out the ass for an HQ camera. so either very high quality mids or some decent dank that could have been grown and/or cured better.
  8. it was pretty cheap haha. 320$ for a QP of it.. and in my area, i dont think anybody would pay 20 a G for any kind of weed even if it was the best shit ever.. the most anybody would pay for a G is 10.. people whine and bitch if someone tried to charge 15 a G
  9. you definately live somewhere near canada from the sound of it. where im from and what MANY MANY MANY other people ive talked to over the US pay 20 a G for dank because its standard price. and 320 a QP? god damn... god fucking damn thats low. I know people that will sell WAYYYY shittier mids then that for 400+ a QP. seriously where do you live? sounds like you are new to the world haha, from what i have observed the closer to canada weed spots you are the cheaper/danker the bud gets. same with cali, other than that its pretty much standard 10/g for mids 20/g for dank
  10. really? i thought it was at least some mids.. low mids even but damn bammer? lol
  11. oh damn, im in sacramento, california. i thought i coulda got some better outdoor for the 320$ i paid but im pretty consent that i only spent 320$ on a week or 2 worth of smoke
  12. haha heavy smoker, and though so! either cali or canada. only places i hear of having dank for 10/g. cool prices man wish i had em haha, wish you could get better pics :( but oh well as long as it smokes great! btw if you ever get that feeling that your stash aint doin it for you try getting 2-3 different strains per pickup since the way your brain reacts the the chemical comp. of weed different strain can trick it into thinkin its a different chemical and give a more original high haha.:smoke:
  13. Id give it an 8/10
  14. mids for sure
  15. I'd say average to high mids.
  16. Beasters aka low dank.
  17. Looks like some very nice, fresh mids. For $320 that's a no-brainer. Enjoy.
  18. Mids is what I say.

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