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What grade of weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SuckItDown, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Hey guys about 9 hours ago I smoked like .3 or .4 of this shit I got while out of town.. Anyway I took it out of a gravity bong (gatorade bottle) and the shit got me FUCKED. I was blazed out of my mind at my friend's house, then I came back to my place to freshen up for a party. All this time I was getting an intense body high, mostly around my neck/legs. Anyways, I showered up for the party, got a ride from a sober friend, and was baked for half the party. And it was kinda a spacy high. Like I just sat on a couch for 2 hours and loved it so much. Anyways, I'm pretty much completely come down now, but it lasted for wicked long. anyone know what strain/grade of weed this is?
    Picked it up in Worcester, MA.
  2. Also, it smells strongly piney, and it was a bit sticky.
  3. Kindbud!
  4. some dankity dank!

    that and a low tolerance? enjoy it while it lasts bro
  5. Can't do much with that description. .4 is a small bowlpack and a gatorade bong always gets me real messed up with any type of tree.
  6. Hahah yeah, third time smoking. And that shit was definitely not dank.. I'm thinking it was more how I smoked it than what it was. Thanks for the replies though :bongin:

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