What grade is this?

Discussion in 'General' started by grassypoon, Feb 2, 2016.

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    Hey guys, I just want to know what grade weed you think this is, and how much I should be paying per gram for it. Thanks!

  2. PM "MOBLHA" he is shit hot with this type of thing.

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  3. Looks like some fine tree you've got there ! Price is sort of dependant on your location but it shouldn't be more than 10/g in my opinion
  4. oh B-have, baby! (watched Austin Powers over the weekend)

  5. looks like your average $10 gram stuff.

    enjoy, it's not bad weed.
  6. It looks really good, around here that would go for 20 a gram. It really depends on where you live. Some people can get stuff like that for less, but not here.

  7. Nah surely he's at least in highschool.
  8. That's ditch weed
  9. Lmao love it when someone posts weed in this thread. OP everyone will rate you shitty weed because all of us THINK we grow the best. It is honestly decent looking. Definitely not mids. Smoke and enjoy.

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  10. If you have the money to blow it's sall good. If it's dank go back for more. The more you buy the cheaper it should be.

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  11. No more then 20$ looks pretty decent. Let us know how the high is.

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    If you live in a non med state, $10-$15/g would be standard. Even $20 would be feasible. But for moral reasons, I wouldn't charge over $15/g unless I had to deliver.

    If you do live in a medical or recreational state, $7-$10/g would be what you're gonna be looking at.
    Looks like some good weed. But since I can't taste, smell, or smoke it, i can't really tell you what "Grade" it is.
  13. That would be considered fire around here and would go for $20.
  14. I've always wondered how people can tell how good weed is from a pic. Pics only cover looks, not smell, taste or potency. Looks being the least important.

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  15. You cannot...There's no wondering about it, it simply cannot be done.

    Period. God has spoken. Bow.[​IMG]

  16. [​IMG]

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